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Skin Grip Discounts: Get Promo Code for Adhesive Diabetic Patches

Finding Skin Grip coupon code has never been so easy. You can browse this page to order Skin Grip Patches at unbeatable discount price.

Are you a type 1 diabetic? Do you often need to monitor your sugar level? Do you use CGM or an insulin pump to measure your diabetic stats? Are you always worried about losing your costly devices? Do you want to live normal life without worrying of losing your CGM devices? no worries, here is the solution.

First of all you should think to apply Skin Grip Patches discount code on on your next order. Please scroll down this page to find the list of promo codes.

skingrip promocode logo

One of my friend is suffering from type 1 diabetes. I used to wear CGM but lost during water and other daily activities. So I suggested to order Skin Grip Patches. At first, he was afraid to use patches, but decided to order one to just try. It is easy to use patch and super comfortable too. Now, it always wear CGM device through Skin Grip Patches. Most importantly, the life of device got increased. Thank you very much.

Top Most Skin Grip Coupons and Patches Offer Codes

CUPOFOJ or SAVE20 (100% Working)

You can try either of these promo codes at your very first order. Enjoy 20% off on your first purchase.

ngoc or BREANNE or CHLOE (Editor’s Choice)

Please take a look at above codes for 10% off on everything. Valid for an order of retail price patches only.


It is the seasonal code. However you can try it to see if work. Enjoy 15% off on order of $49 or more.

Free Sample

Here is the deal if you want to try before buy. All you have to pay for the shipping cost only to test the Skin Grip for FREE.

Skin Grip Patches: The Best Way To Secure Your Insulin Pumps

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Skin Grip Patches is the waterproof adhesive for type 1 diabetic. The CGM device and insulin pumps are not new to the diabetic person. However, due to the bad adhesive of CGM tape, we often waste expensive diabetic devices and pumps. On an average every 3 out of the 5 diabetic person waste their sensor. If you are one of those, then you should consider using the Skin Grip Patches.

Basically, Skin Grip is the super strong adhesive tape available to hold almost all kind of insulin pumps and CGM devices. It is medical grade product, so that you can use it on your skin for long period of time. With patches, you can swim, cycle, hike, bike, exercise, dance, surf and take shower too. No more fighting with your insurance company or no need to begging the manufacturer for a replacement. Diabetic is hard, and you need smooth and easy life.

Are you here after searching for the Skin Grip promo code? Do you want discount on your patches order? Please take a look at above section and find the coupons now.

How to use Skin Grip Patches?

Applying the Skin Grip patches in very easy. Make sure to clean your skin first. You should apply patch to the skin without any hairs, rushes, acne, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and rashes. You should use adhesive wipes like Skin Tac before applying your patch.

  • Firstly, put the CGM device or an insulin pump to your skin.
  • Secondly, Cover it with the Skin Grip patches.
  • Bingo! You are done. Do whatever you want and like!

Skin Grip Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available Skin Grip coupon codes: 6

Average discount: 15% off

Last Use: Today

Products and Pricing

There are different types of Skin Grip patches available to buy. You need to order the patches as per your CGM devices or insulin pump like Freestyle Libre, Omnipod, Dexacom G6, Medtronic Guardian, and Enlite. The patches are available in dozens of colors. The starting price of Skin Grip Patches is $24.99 only. It depends on how many patches you order. The price of Skin Tac Adhesive barrier wipes and Underlayer is $6 and $17.99 respectively. Make sure to order the patches in bulk to get discount. Here you don’t need any Skin Grip coupon code.

3 FAQs

Can I apply patches to anywhere on my skin?

Ideally, you can use Skin Grip to any part of your body. However, we suggest to avoid sensitive parts of your body. You should also first clean your skin where you are going to paste patches. Don’t use damaged skin at all.

How to submit Skin Grip Patches coupon code?

Presently, don’t allow user-submitted promo code. However, if you have highest value discount for Skin Grip, then you can contact our team. We will look into that and upload your discount here.

How to cancel my Skin Grip discount?

Do you want to cancel your discount and want to try different Skin Grip Patches coupon code for your order? well, you can visit your cart and under that you will find the field to remove the coupon. Click on X button to remove any existing code and apply new over there.

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