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Vanmade Gear Coupons: Get Discount Code for Windows Shade

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Are you often travel? Do you love adventure and spending time in your van or a car? Do you want to enhance your travel experience without breaking your budget? Are you looking for affordable and quality gears for your van? no worries, here you go.

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vanmadegear coupons logo

I am proud owner of few vans including Sprinter and Promaster. I like to spend my entire day in a van. However, it become difficult during those shiny summer days. So I decided to get Vanmade Gear for windows. At first, I ordered for a Sprinter only. It was perfect in size and reliable to use. I must include that Vanmade Gear has outstanding quality that you may feel to order directly from your van company.

Top Most Vanmade Gear Coupons and Offer Codes

Up To 20% OFF (Editor’s Choice)

Head and choose your windows cover set at up to 20% discount price. It is valid only when you choose the entire set.

Super Hot Sale

During the sale time, you can purchase van gears and window shades at unbeatable price. No need to use promo code here.

Free Shipping

Now you can order your van gears with free standard shipping within united states.

Vanmade Gear: The Best Windows Shadow

Based in Clackamas, Oregon, the Vanmade Gear is the auto accessories developer and supplier. It was founded by Simon Bee – avid car enthusiast. He was working as Data Analyst in 2016, and during that time he has to travel a lot. While traveling, he faced so much problems with temperature control and privacy. It leads Simon to start a new venture named Vanmade Gear.

Initially Simon Bee tried to find already available window shade, but there were limited options available in the market. So he begin creating a window shadow for his own van. After spending much time in research and crafting his first shade, he shared it with friends and van communities. He got so many queries from friends and the van owners around the nation. So Simon decided to start his own company – Vanmade Gear where he can replicate the same quality window shade and help others to tackle the issues with temperature and privacy.

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Benefits of Vanmade Gear

Firstly, Vanmade Gear are made up from durable non-toxic ripstop covering and low E-SSR aluminum backed insulation. It protect from UV rays and heats. So that it warms during winter and cool during those summer day.

Secondly, They use neodymium magnets to attach the shades with your window. You can put them up and take it down in just few seconds. No drilling, or permanent solution.

Thirdly, All the products are compact in terms of design. You can fold them up into a storage bag whenever not in use. You can also open your shade partially if need little ventilation.

Lastly, Vanmade Gear are made up by the experts through the CNC router and machines for the consistency and high quality.

Vanmade Gear Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 1

Average discount: 10% off

Last Use: 4 days ago

Products and Pricing

Vanmade Gears are available for Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, Universal and other. The top selling products are Roof Vent fan insulated cover, Sprinter Windshield Shade and Promaster Front door shades. It cost $65, $325 and $185 respectively. You can purchase your Vanmade Gear through the model of your van; as every model is different. They have window cover for front window, side and back windows. Enjoy free shipping on select order without using any Vanmade Gear coupon code. You can combine this offer with any other discount promotion.

3 FAQs

What is the mission of Van made?

The Vanmade Gear started with the mission to manufacturer the premium windows shades for RVs and Vans of all the sizes and shapes. They believe in craftsmanship, innovation and quality.

Can I use more than one Vanmade Gear coupon code?

No, you cannot use more than one promo code for any single order. The Vanmade Gear allows only single coupon per order. However, you can combine it with free shipping promotion.

Will I get Vanmade Gear discount on every order?

Well, it depends on what you order and for what the Vanmade Gear coupon code is available. Sometime they have sitewide valid coupon, so you get discount on every order, but other day they restrict to use coupon for select items only.

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