Verreal Coupon: Cool Discount Code for V1S F1 Boards

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Verreal is the best automatic electric skateboard. It is the fastest, lightweight and an electric skateboard. It is built to make day today transportation easy. The best thing about their skateboard is the powerful yet quiet motors. Unlike most of electronic longboard brands; the Verreal Board has motors in it’s deck. It not only gives you high torque; but also save powers. The result is super fast longboard with less noise.

Verreal electric skateboards coupon code

Unlike many other brands; The Verreal Boards are able to remove and change it’s Urethanes. No need to buy two hub motors and that’s why you don’t have to pay hefty hub motor bills. When It comes to electric items; the quality and warranty are the most important factors. Fortunately; you get world’s best quality electronic skateboard at unbeatable price. An user can quickly climb a hill by riding on a board. However speed may affect by weight and wind.

Top rated Verreal Boards Coupons and Codes

50OFF – Hurry up and enter the code at the time of ordering electric skateboard to get $50 discount. It is valid for all their boards. Hurry! It is limited edition code.

Upto 50% Off (100% Working!) – Hurry and order F1 board at whopping 46% off. You get it for $428, instead of $799. It is considered as world’s most safest board; due to the stable ride feature.

Big Sale – The biggest sale of a year is live now! Go and buy an entire V1S board or V1S kit (without grip tape and deck) to save up to 30% off the regular price.

VRL40OFF – Copy and paste the code at the time of ordering F1 skateboard to get $40 discount on top of already low price. It is valid for first few buyers only.

Free Shipping – Ordering your favorite skateboard online become more easy now! Receive free worldwide shipping on order of a board or kit. No need to pay any taxes; if you are from US, Canada or European countries.

Is It The Best Electric Skateboard?

The Verreal Board was founded in Fall 2017 and today they are one of the leading electric skateboard brands. They utilize advance technology to built and design quality skateboards at reliable price. They partnered with industry’s trusted suppliers to bring most safest longboard for you. The mission is to revolutionize skateboard industry by combining technology with experience. Below are some awesome features of the Verreal Boards.

  • Fully automatically, lightweight, sleek and durable board.
  • It supports plain and grass road as well.
  • Regenerative braking mechanism recharges the battery; everytime you brake the board.
  • High performance ESC, Alluminium alloy casing, highly elastic Urethanes and safe braking curve to give you smooth, safe and best ever riding experience.
  • It is comes with swappable battery. An user can easily swap better pack within 5 minutes for a long ride.
  • The skateboard automatically turns On; when you pushed forward. No need to bend-over to turn-on.
  • 90 Days Warranty on parts and workmanship. If you have any issue with your board; then contact them. They will try to fix your problem by sending free replacement parts.

Products and Pricing

There are two different models available for the users of a Verreal – V1S and a F1. The retail price is $599 and $799 respectively. The V1S kit is also available to buy; if you don’t want to order deck. If you don’t want to spend full price; then try above Verreal Boards coupon code to save up to $70 off. No need to signup for any newsletter; as we regularly update this page with all the available offers. On a positive note; you can stack a promo code with sale item. Hence the V1S would cost you as low as $350 including free shipping.

Originally posted 2018-12-16 10:12:04.