The Critter Depot Coupon: Find Discount Code for Live Crickets

Don’t buy live crickets and superworms of The Critter Depot at full price. Try a coupon code to save up to 60% off.

The Critter Depot grows and sells healthy Crickets, Superworms and Black Soldier Fly Larva. If you are looking for parasite-free and live snacks for your beloved pet; then this is the place. In fact; It is one of few company; who raise, grows and sells live Crickets in America. They are down to earth people; who provide 100% natural and real environment to grow the Larva, Crickets and Superworms.

The Critter Depot free stuff and coupon code

Unlike many other pet companies; The Critter Depot is totally unique and focuses on reptile snacks. There are many of you want to grow reptile or amphibian at home. But due to less knowledge about it’s snacks and care; we often drop an idea. If you are one of those; then a CritterDepot is the best answer. It not only sales live Crickets but also guide you the best way to set up your reptile pet properly. Unfortunately; there is literally no or less offline place from where you can buy Crickets.

Find The Critter Depot Coupons and Codes

Upto 60% Off (100% Working!) – Go ahead and order a pack of 1000 live Crickets at 60% off as compared to the price of 250 Crickets. Final payable amount is $25 only; instead of $60.

Save 40% Off – Enjoy whopping 40% off on your order of a pack of 2000 superworms. The discount applies automatically at your cart.

Save 30% Off – Go ahead and order a Black Soldier Fly Larvae at up to 30% off. It is valid only when you buy select size and quantity.

Free Shipping (Ongoing Promotion!) – Get your entire order within United States at Free standard shipping. No any minimum purchase requirement. There are some strict shipping policies; especially for winter. Please read the delivery guideline to avoid any confusion.

Free Stuff – Do you own a blog, Youtube channel or any other social media page? If so; then you will get Free red worms, crickets, mealworms or euro nightcrawlers. All you have to promote their products in your blog or channel.

Is It Legit and Safe Place To Deal With?

The Critter Depot is the authentic seller of live cricket, superworms and larvae. It was started couple of years back and today they are leading online source of crickets. A TCD raise and grow them in healthy environments by providing organic moisture and food. If you are looking for healthiest food source for your dragon, mouse or Leopard Gecko; then is the only solution. They offer 100% Guaranteed Live delivery within all 50 continental of United States. The live delivery guarantee is valid only when destination temp is above 45 Degrees F.

They are the only store who provide live crickets of different sizes. Whether you want ant size or medium size or adult crickets; they carry everything. In fact; The Critter Depot has millions of crickets and you order as low as 250 or as high as 5000 live crickets. Best thing is that; the House Crickets are wingless, soft bodied and nutrient rich; so that you can store them in your house to feed it to your pet. Please refer the size guideline to order proper size of crickets and superworms for your beloved pets.

Products and Pricing

The Critter Depot deals with the live cricket, soldier larva and superworms. A customer can choose from a pack of 250, 500 or 1000 crickets. The price is $15, $18 and $25 respectively.The live superworms are for sale in pack of 500, 1000 and 2000. The price is $21, $28 and $35 respectively. If you don’t have any active The Critter Depot coupon code; then plan to buy a pack of at least 500 or 1000 crickets. You save whopping up to 60% off within any promo code here. On a positive note; TheCritterDepot allows to stack such promotion with free shipping offer.

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