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The SelfDecode is an unique kind of platform; that decodes your DNA information. It lets you identify genetic weaknesses and helps to achieve your strengths. It is made up with the series of tools that provides the visualization views as per your data. Along with genetic problems; a system also suggests the supplements to handle your negative genetic variation. They carry huge databases of SNPs, substances, genes, diseases, supplement and more.

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A SelfDecode is not the genetic testing company; rather It is the genetic analyzer. You just need to upload your data given by third party tester to analyze your genetic information. The SelfDecode provides personalized health report service as per your genome. User can browser the database of 30,000 SNPs and find their variation with just few clicks. You can also sort report by SNP reputation and importance. The system allows you search any specific Genes, SNPs and the APOE4 variant too.

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Is It The Best Platform to Analyze Genome?

The SelfDecode was started couple of years back by Joseph Cohen. It is biomedical company; which acts as your personal genome coach. The entire system carries more than 38,000 SNPs and more being added on daily basis. They uses advance algorithm to find out possible problematic genes. Below are some tops reasons to choose the SelfDecode over others.

  • Learn more about your weakness or strength.
  • Identify the possible health risk factors.
  • Get an access to list of various fixes such as nutrition, diet and lifestyle.
  • SNP explorer helps you access all the individual and dedicated SNPs.
  • Ability to create and export any custom genes list in printable format. Later you can use it to discuss with your doctor.
  • System database and all the other details are manually curated from thousands of scientific publications.
  • You can give an access of your account to health practitioner.

How Does It Works?

In fact; working with SelfDecode is so simple. Please follow the listed below steps to get full details about your genes:

  1. Sign in to your account and upload your genetic data from famous genotyping services such as 23andMe, FamilyTree and Ancestry.
  2. Provide your symptoms that helps to target specific genetics.
  3. They will combine unlocked genetics data, symptoms and blood test result to give you best possible recommendations.

Membership and Pricing

There are three subscriptions available for the users of a SelfDecode – An Individual, Professional and The Family Plan. The Individual is a yearly membership that cost you $59/year. You can upload one file here. If you are a health professional; then you should buy the Professional membership at $99/month. You can upload unlimited files and get full site access with all the genetic reports. The price of the Family Package is $118/year only. It allows you to upload three files. You can get a free membership without using any SelfDecode coupon code. Refer your friend and enjoy three months of membership for absolutely free. You can find a promo code and special offers during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year events.

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  1. Hello! I would also like to know if they is currently a working code? Thank you! 🙂

  2. I am interested in joining as an individual lifetime member (+DNA kit) of SelfDecode. Is there a promo code?
    Thank you for hosting this forum.

  3. SelfDecode is giving a 50% discount on new memberships. Simply use the code DNADAY to join it – today only.

  4. For only $59, you can get access to the secrets to fixing your sleep and mood.

    Included in their Labor Day Deal:

    1 Year Subscription to Self-Decode
    Sleep DNA Wellness Report (sold separately for $59)
    Mood DNA Wellness Report (sold separately for $59)
    Health Overview DNA Wellness Report
    Biohacking Insomnia EBook (sold separately for $37)

  5. Please let me know if there is a promo code for full membership one year for selfdecode and labtestanalyser?


  6. Ultimate Brain Fog Protocol was available at only $146! (a $518 value!). Pls keep checking for ongoing deals.

  7. The free spot just filled up. however, they often host contest for free trial, i will keep you updated!

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