Ziva Meditation Coupon: Get Discount Code for ZivaMind Courses

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Ziva Meditation (also known as a zivaMIND) is the proven stress reduction technique that can be done for twenty minutes; twice a day. It was initially designed for the people of busy minds as well as busy lives. You can easily add it into your tight daily schedule to get quick relief from stress. All you need a chair and couple of minutes to boost your mental power.

zivameditation course coupon code and review

The Ziva Meditation technique is the combination of meditation, manifesting and mindfulness. It can not only address sleep and sexual life issues; but also increase your focus towards your work. The mindfulness helps to reduce your stress from the present moment. The Meditation gives an extra healing to get a rid of stress from the past. The Manifesting helps to focus towards your goal and also activates right brain. You are going to learn the power of three Ms to change your brain.

Top rated Ziva Meditation Coupons and Codes

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Upto 30% Off – Get an access to the 7 modules of the Moving Into Mastery Full Series for the price of 6 only. You will get 1 year full access to private coaching community for FREE.

Free Training – Purchase Mastery A La Carte for $497 per module only. You will get a free access for 3 months of Foundation training course.

ZivaSwag for $15 – Choose from wide range of Ziva merchandises starting from $15 only. They sell hoodies, Timer, Essential Oil, Tote bag and Door-tag too.

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Is It Worth To Join ZivaMind Courses?

The Ziva Meditation is the highly effective and step-by-step meditation technique founded to reduce your stress. It also gives better health, sleep and sex life. Till now more than 15000 students have enrolled into their courses. It was founded by Emily Fletcher in 2011 after returning back to NYC from Rishikesh, India. She was suffering from insomnia at the age of 27 and decided to get rid of insomnia and stress in a natural way only.

After interacting with thousands of students, Emily Fletcher developed a bulletproof system called as the Ziva Technique. It is the trifectra of a meditation, mindfulness and manifesting. It is the technique to achieve the max of your performance. All the courses come with 30 days money back guarantee. It is 100% risk-free; since you get full refund here.

Courses and Pricing

The Ziva Meditation basically offers two main courses; ZivaOnline and ZivaLive. The ZivaONLINE is the digital course that comes with certain modules and one-on-one coaching too. The price of the ZiVAOnline is $399 only. The ZivaLive is the local event based course. You can attend the local events near your area. Due to the natural of course; It is not available everyday and everywhere. The cost of ZivaLIVE range from $999 to $1199. You can pay in installments too. You can apply a Ziva Meditation coupon code to get a early bird rate of $899 only. Apart from both of these, Zeva also offers Corporate and Mastery courses.

You can enroll into all such courses at a discount price with the help of a promo code. Do you know? You can receive an ultimate meditation guide for a FREE by entering your email address and full name at the main official site.

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