ripple safety button discount code

Ripple Safety Coupon: Get Discount Code for Button

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Almost everybody of us are more or less worried about our loved ones. Well, security and safety is the top most priority no matter where we go. Do you want to know what’s your kids or seniors are doing right now? Do you wish to keep your loved ones safe and secure no matter wherever they are? no worries, here is the solution.

ripple safety button discount code

Ripple Safety is a tiny, little and stylish security button. With this revolutionary safety device, you can contact the emergency team anywhere and anytime you wish. Ripple Safety is the only at-home and on-the-go safety alert system. They are the team of the professional, and nationwide security. You can use this tiny button for an emergency as well as non-emergency services as well.

While most of people use Ripple Safety for their kids and senior’s security, but there are few group who use this small button for medical emergency as well. All you have to setup ambulance number as a primary number.

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Top Most Ripple Safety Coupons and Offer Codes

SAFE10-GETSPOOL (Editor’s Choice)

Please paste this exclusive voucher at the time of ordering your Ripple device for instant 10% discount. It is valid only, when you spend $40 or more.

Enjoy $80 OFF (Best Value)

Order your personal wearable safety device at up to $80 off the normal price. Please make sure to order at least 1 year of monitoring subscription to claim this promotion.

Free Device + $5 OFF (Ongoing Promotion)

Take an opportunity to get Ripple at less than normal price. Get a free monitor device, whenever your battery runs low. Furthermore, you get $5 discount on subscription plan.

Ripple Safety: The Revolutionary Wearable Safety Button

Ripple Safety is the small personal security button by Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. It was founded in 2015 by Rees Gillespie after having continuous alert from his mom – a real estate agent about her security and safety due to meeting with unknown clients.

Ripple Monitoring Team is the US based, trained and professional security persons who are always ready to help whenever you need. They are located in the different parts of United States. Whether you feel uncomfortable, or need immediate medical emergency; Ripple monitoring team is available 24×7. This small, little device all the power of any modern medical emergency do for you. Ripple Safety is discreet, water-proof device packed with an easy to use button.

  • You can wear your Ripple with necklace, bracelet, hair-pin, purse, belt or even with your bra.
  • It is fashionable, lightweight device.
  • No need for frequent charging. Device battery last up to 6 months.
  • It is water and shower-proof.
  • Ripple has in-built Bluetooth feature to connect to your Smartphone.

How Does Ripple Safety Work?

The entire Ripple system works in three easy steps.

  1. Press the button for a single time to get a phone call from Ripple Monitoring team. Press button for thrice to dispatch emergency services.
  2. Monitoring team will communicate to you until and unless you feel comfortable. They can also send you pre-selected choice of emergency service.
  3. You can choose to contact 24×7 emergency support, or your loved ones.

Ripple Safety Promos and Discounts

List of coupon codes: 1 exclusive voucher

Average discount: 10% off

Last Updated: Today only

Products and Pricing

Ripple Safety is very small, wearable safety device. Basically, it is a subscription based monitoring service. You can purchase the membership for a month, 3 months or an entire year. Price of a single month membership is $14.95 only. Cost of 3 months of monitoring is $39.95 only, normally $44.85. Retail price of an annual subscription is $179.40, but you get it at discount price of $99.95. That’s without any special promo codes. Your subscription will be automatically renew, until you cancel it.

3 FAQs by GraphEffect Experts

Where can I use my Ripple Safety coupon code?

You can use GraphEffect's exclusive promo code at official website. It is available for any subscription you purchase.

How to claim Ripple Safety discount?

Get anything from 5% off to up to 50% off, as per your membership order. You don't need any Ripple Safety coupon code for same. However, you can use it for additional discount.

What is return and cancellation policy?

They provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for all the initial orders of Ripple Safety. Contact the support team, if you are not happy within 30 days from the date of the purchase. You will get full refund.

Above are some common questions and answers for Ripple Safety coupon codes by the team of GraphEffect.

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