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Integral Life is an online members driven platform that offers practices, perspectives and courses to help you grow with your full capacities. Do you want to solve the complex issues of your life in the 21st century? You must develop the integral philosophy and methodology. Life is the full of problems. However the most important is that; how we look and handle problems! This is what; we called as a positive attitude.

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Integral Life is an advanced personal development platform that helps you to survive in a rapidly evolving world. It is the time to build a greater skill, greater ability and greater presence to respond to the big problems of your business modern life. Join the industry’s experts to unleash your real potential. Whether you are a business women, a housewife, an entrepreneur, big organization or a busy employee; the Integral Life is the best platform for you. It will teach you to achieve your goals with smart moves.

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Is The Best Self Development Program?

The Integral Life was founded in 2007 by Ken Wilber and Robb Smith – the Philosophers, writers and authors. It helps to develop self-learning methods to live happily. They bring wast experiences along with practices and media to help you grow in your life. All the courses, podcasts and practices are designated by world’s top-class leaders like Tony Robbins, Lana Wachowski, Saul Williams, Kevin Kelly and Deepak Chopra. Whether you are looking for source of deep wisdom or spiritual health or psychological realms; the IL is the best option.

Why should you try the Integral Life?

  • Listen to audio podcasts from leading thinkers and leaders.
  • Full spectrum of modules and complete practices to help you lifelong growth.
  • Watch series of video episodes that tell you the most complex issues of the 21st century.
  • They offer two types of Practices; Modules and the Short Practices. The Modules are in-depth coaching series on crucial topics to help you live best life. The Short Practices are actionable and short practices to address specific ares of your life.
  • Being a member; you get an access to special members only deals from their partners.
  • It is the best platform for all those who want to bring fullest potential to their mind or want to live more effective and fuller life.

Products and Pricing

There are three products available by an Integral Life – Practice, Perspectives and Courses. They carry wide range of courses such as Embodied Success, Full Spectrum Power, Lead With Purpose, The Religion of Tomorrow, Real Yoga – Full Body Awakening, Patterns Of Being, Loving Completely Web Course and many more. It cost you anything from $29 to $199 only.

You can join a membership to access the monthly practices modules, monthly conversations hosted by top thinkers and full access to growing “one minute practice” library. The price of a membership is $15 per month only. You save 40% off on your annual subscription. It does not need any Integral Life coupon code. They provide free bonus gift (The Integral Vision eBook) with all the membership orders. Being an active member; you save 20% off on all the course without any promo code. The IL provide 30 days money back guarantee too.

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