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Enjoy Maono Discount: Get Promo Code for USB Microphones

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Are you a professional podcaster, a vlogger, a blogger, a speaker and or music producer? Do you want high quality mic setup that can enhance your performance? Are you looking for some reliable and at home solution? Don’t want to setup big studio? no worries, here you go.

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maono coupon code logo

Today, I came to the brand named Maono; the manufacturer of world-class USB microphone. It is available worldwide with fast shipping option. The USP of this product, they don’t compromise quality and give you music solution at unbeatable price. That’s what I really like.

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Maono: The Leader of Professional Music Instruments

Based in Guangdong, China, the Maono is the professional audio solution. It was founded by Alex a few years back.  Firstly, The company was started with the mission to help modern podcaster to ease their business life. Whether you want a personal or professional microphone solution, the MAONO has got you covered. You must be happy to know that, today the MAONO is one of the fastest growing tech company with millions of customers worldwide.

Secondly, they have vast experience of electric engineering, industrial design and software manufacturing. That is the reason behind their success Furthermore, the company uses the direct to consumer model, so there is no any middlemen. This is how, you save huge on their audio products and get full support directly from the company.

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Why Choose Maono?

There are so many reasons to choose this brand. Please check below section to find out more details about it.


Maono provides 6 months direct warranty from the date of purchase. You must place an order from the official site only. It is not valid for Amazon or any other third party sites. They will fix the part and send it back to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Maono gives you 14 days money back guarantee, if you want to cancel your order or want a refund.

Fastest International Shipping

The company has partnership with some leading courier brands to deliver you order as soon as possible. They have standard, fast and expedite delivery options too.

Award Winning Support Team

We know that technology is something that not everybody’s cut of tea. In case of any query in installation or anything, you can always contact the support team of Maono.

Maono Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 3

Average discount: 10% off

Last Update: Yesterday only.

Products and Pricing

Maono features wide range of products including Wireless microphone, USB microphone, XLR microphone, Maonocaster, Studio headphones and accessories. Some of the top selling products are USB/XLR Cardioid Dynamic Mic, MAONOCASTER Sigle Mic All-In-One Podcast Production Studio, and Real-time Monitoring and Mute Wireless Lavalier Mic. It cost $69.99, $259, and $99.99 respectively.

Apart from all these, the company also sells All in one podcast production studio, DJ studio monitoring headphones, USB Microphone podcast zero latency. It ranges from $49.99 to as much as $259 only. You get free shipping here.

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Must Know Facts About Maono Discount Code

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3 Maono FAQs

Where can I claim my Maono coupon code?

In order to use the promo code, you must use it at the official site. All our coupons are available to use for only. You cannot use it at Amazon or any other sites.

What If my Maono discount expire?

Most of the Maono coupon codes are available for few days only. So you must use coupons within that time period. Otherwise you will not get discount. In such case, you can contact us.

How do I find the latest promo codes?

You can enjoy the latest discount alert by joining the email newsletter. We update this page once in a week with the latest offers and promotion.


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