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Acqualia Soulver 3 is a powerful notepad with a built in calculator. Unlike traditional calculator and spreadsheets; this app allows you to write words along with your numbers. The tool gives an instant answer to any number calculations that is added in your text. It is lightweight and super fast too. It acts as a smart text editors that responds to your changes instantly. You can write anything and see the instant calculation.

Acqualia soulver 3 app coupon code

Unlike the Spreadsheets; the Soulver 3 does not need any setup. While spreadsheet legs or fail for some scenarios; the Acqualia works with complex data without any issue. No need to manage cells and complete formulas. You just type anything in text and you will see the final calculation instantly. The Soulver 3.0 is designated in such a way that it saves your time. Here the calculator is available within a text editor. You see the output result within same window. No need to go back and forth between a paper and calculator.

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Free Trial – Do you want to test this smart Mac application? Please follow a link to access a free 30 days trial. If you want it for iPhone, iPad or iPod; then you need to download iOS edition. The trial is available once per user per account only.

Soulver 2 Deal – Now you can purchase old edition V2.0 for $8.99 only. Please locate their site to compare versions.

Is It The Best Mac and iOS App?

Founded by Zac Cohan; The Acqualia is an iOS and Mac software development startup. The Soulver is the signature product that is better alternative to traditional calculator and spreadsheet. It is an easy to use and fast action tool for day today notes and calculations. Add any numbers, words and equations alongside and you never face any error. Do you always work with times, dates, percentages and proportions? then this is an ideal tool for you. It takes out a load off your brain; so that you have a peace of mind.

Take a look at some advance features of the Acqualia Soulver 3:

  • Shows the problem and answer side by side.
  • Multiple lines calculations with instant total at the bottom of all your lines.
  • Allows to reference previous lines like a spreadsheet and programing language. When you change a line; every line below that will be changed automatically.
  • Built-in unit conversions such as live real world and cryptocurrencies.
  • Automatic formatting with syntax coloring.
  • Add headings, labels and comments to make meaningful notes.
  • Number scrubbing and multiple text styles.
  • It supports inline variables, currencies, percentages, calendar math, proportions and custom units.

Packages and Pricing

There are two products available by Acqualia –  a Soulver v2 and Soulver v3. Both available for Mac and iOS. The V2 is little old and available at reduced price of $8.99 only. You get an instant serial number to your registered email address. The v3 is the latest version that requires a Mac running 10.14 or later. You can download a Basic edition for free. The price of a premium edition is $29.95 only. There is no any recurring payment; get a tool with a single payment.

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