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LastSwab is the world’s first reusable cotton swab. It is not just reusable; but sustainable as well. Making it perfect alternative to traditional cotton buds, swabs and Q-tips. Do you know; most of swabs are made up of plastic or wood. It is dangerous to our earth’s natural Eco-system. Fortunately; there is a better way; that not only help to combat single use plastic waste, but affordable too.

lastswab by lastobject coupon code

Why do we need LastSwab – when we already have paper and cotton ones? In fact; your traditional buds are single used only. It passes through lot of process and generate huge amount of CO2; which is harmful to our nature. What is the solution then? Fortunately; the Last Swab is reusable and sanitary; so you can utilize it again and again. You can clean it easily with the help of water and soap. It is made up from medical grade silicon and hygienic material to handle all skin types; including super sensitive too.

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Is a Safe and Reliable Cotton Swab?

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark; the LastSwab is the reusable and Eco-friendly cotton swabs. It was started as Kickstart project by the team LastObject and today become the widely used among the people from all around the world. It is made up from biodegradable corn and PLA – which is safe and healthy alternative to traditional cotton buds. The single swab can last for up to 1000 usage. You can use it for all your everyday requirements. Instead of bamboo box; they use the biodegradable corn material that can be sterilized. It also make the entire product hygienic and safe.

LastObject spends count less hours on researching designs and material. The innovative designs and ultra solf feel make it essential makeup product.

Considering the popularity of LastSwab; there are a lot of fake and counterfeit products out there. They are mostly of a very low quality and may harm your health. Furthermore; they are not made to last over 1000 times. That’s why, I suggest to order from official website only. I already add the reference to the official website above. Moreover; you cannot order it from local store or third party website like Amazon or eBay.

Products and Pricing

There are two main products available by the Last Object; a LastSwab Basic and a Beauty. Both of these versions available in six color combinations; Purple, Yellow, Black, Whitte, Peach and Red. The Basic version is best for all kind of cleaning tasks. The price of a single unit is just $12. The Last Swab beauty is exclusively available for makeup usage. You can use it for make application or removal. It cost you $12 only. Both of these variant come with Biodegradable corn-based carry base for a FREE.

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