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LendaBit is the unique online P2P platform that connects lenders with borrowers. If you are looking for instant loans; then this is the best system. It is 100% secure and convenient loan service against crypto collateral. No need to provide series of documents, no any hard verification process. You can get your loan in as low as few minutes only! Most importantly; it provides credit line in global currency – USD.

lendabit loan coupon code

Do you want a quick loan against your cryptocurrency collateral?, or Do you want interest on your unused bitcoin? look no further, the LendaBit is the perfect solution. It is the blockchain based P2P platform; that doesn’t have any intermediators. That means; the borrower connects directly to the lender. It reduces the interest rate for borrower, and at the same time it gives you more interest to a lender. Hey, but what about the security and privacy? Don’t worry! The LendaBit uses the most advantage secured technology of your collateral. Another good thing; It is fully flexible and paperless. You decide your loan term here.

Top rated LendaBit Coupons and Codes

Up to 66% OFF (Best Value) – Take an advantage of this exclusive offer to receive whopping 66% discount on borrower fee. No need to use any voucher; just follow the link and create a new account to claim it.

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1YEARLENDABIT (Unreliable) – It is the first anniversary promotion. Please apply this referral code at the time of getting a crypto loan to enjoy 100% off on system fee.

PROMO5 – It is another old code that may or may not work. Use it to save 5% off on your transaction fee. You cannot use it along with any other deal.

Is It The Best Crypto-Based Loan Platform?

Based in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong; the Lendabit is the tech-startup based on blockchain and digital market intelligence. It was founded in 2017 by Igor Kovorotny and Deniss Moscenko – he has been in risk management since last 21 years. It was started with the aim to utilize the crypto market in finance sector. Today; they have over 22000 deals by and for 38000 customers from all around the world. Most of time we hesitate to take loan; due to the high interest rate. But thanks to Lenda Bit; they have very nominal and affordable rate that anybody can afford.

Is This Option Reliable and Practical?

Due to the high price of bitcoin; most of use worried about it’s security. But; you should not worry about LendaBit. They have partnered with the BitGo – the leader of digital encryption technology with the primary focus on Cryptocurrency. It eliminates all the possible risk by providing the liquidity solutions. They provide the guarantee of safe storage of your funds and digital assets. Moreover; you are guaranteed to get 100% insurance coverage for all your Crypto currencies.

Why To Choose Lendabit?

It connects both lenders and borrowers by eliminating paperwork, long approval time and bureaucracy. Hence it is the most convenient and faster than traditional financial institutes. Awesome Features that you can’t neglect:

  • Low transaction fees and attractive terms are the plus points.
  • Get instant credit lines with the help of BitGo.
  • The platform supports more than 100 Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and many more.
  • It is fully transparent and made available to worldwide. Provides multiple and easy to use P2P solutions.
  • The Crypto collateral eliminates the human factor and risk factor as well. It is ultra-safe and most advance way to connect both parties.

How Does Lendabit.com work?

It works in three easy steps.

  1. First of all you need to register at their website or mobile application. Please utilize our exclusive link to save huge on transaction fees.
  2. Next; deposit your collateral bitcoin or any other digital currencies.
  3. Select your loan terms and your loan is ready within no time.

Final Thoughts

The pricing model of LendaBit is fully transparent and straightforward. You know how much you gonna pay in well advance! There is no any hidden charges at all. It is far better than traditional way to get the loan. No matter what is your loan amount; they have very affordable interest rate. However; it changes based on your loan term. Furthermore; they have superior support team that are always ready to help you.

Do you want a LendaBit coupon code? I have developed this page to find all the available promo code and deals. They mostly release such vouchers during special events only. However; you can follow my exclusive link to save on your first transaction.

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