Jackery Explorer Discount: Get Coupon Code for Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240, 500 and 1000 are available at huge discount + free shipping. Just redeem a coupon code!

Jackery Explorer is the world’s first portable power stations. You may heard about generator? you may even heard about inverter? But, believe me these all have their own limitation. They are bulky and unmovable. Need not to mention, the cost of running is also high!

Don’t worry! I am not here to afraid you rather to give you a solution. That’s what the Jackery Explorer – a travel friendly power station. Yes, you read it correctly. You can carry it anywhere at anytime.

jackery explorer 500 coupon code

Power won’t be an issue anymore! Now you can plan few days dessert camp, beach camp or explore new remote place of your dream. Get the power whenever you need no matter where you are.

Use your Jackery Explorer power stations with portable solar panels to have endless power supply even if during off-the-grid. You can use your explorer to charge Smartphones, Drones, Cameras, Laptops and other device. Jackery is also good to run your electronics devices such as TV, Fridge, Blender and more.

Top Jackery Explorer Power Station Coupons and Voucher Codes

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Jackery Explorer – An Ultimate Portable Power Station

Based in California, US; the Jackery Exploer is the world’s first Lithium portable power supply. It was founded in 2012 by York Wu – a former Apple battery engineer. After having bad experiences of running out of battery during traveling, the York Wu decided to make high capacity mobile power station. He and his team spend countless hours on R&D and manufacturing process to bring the dream come true.

If you love mobile lifestyle, or often go outdoor with your friends or family; then you must need a dedicated power station. This is where the Jackery 500 comes into the picture. It removes out all the hassle and provide power outdoors you were looking for. Jackery is not your average mobile charger company. Instead, it is proud partner of American Honda Motor Co. It is an industry leader when it comes to portable and green outdoor power solution.

The company not only come up with the portable power station, but they also bring a complete solution by providing solar panels and power supply. That gives you endless power whenever and wherever you need.

Important Features and Benefits

Explorer series are very affordable, however Jackery coupons make it even more cost-effective solution. Whenever I review any product at Grapheffect, I always check for it’s features, pros and cons. Let’s discuss same for Jackery Explorer too:

  • The Explorer series are quickly rechargeable, lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Sleek design, heavy duty material makes it all weather power station for outdoor.
  • It is the best replacement of your noisy gas generator. Use your Explorer as an outdoor solar generator to get unlimited power.
  • It is reliable power source for phones, lighting, laptops, radios and more.
  • One of the best home power backup supply during those power outage issues.

Products and Pricing

Basically, Jackery catalog features the Portable Power Stations and Solar Panels. The Explorer series has four different power stations; an Explorer 160, Explorer 240, Jackery Explorer 500 and an Explorer 1000. It cost $129.99, $249.99, $499 and $999.99 respectively. You can purchase either of these as per your power requirement. The Jackery also carries two Solar panels; Solar Saga 60W and a SolarSaga 100W panel. It cost you $199 and $299.99 respectively.

What is come into the box?

Well, the package contain an Explorer power station, an AC Adapter, a car charger cable, a Solar saga parallel adapter cable and an user manual.

4 FAQs By GraphEffect Team

We at Graph Effect complied below 4 common questions and answers about Jackery Explorer discount and coupons.

How does a Jackery coupon code works?

There isn’t any rocket science here. Jackery Explorer coupon code is an digital voucher attached with some discount amount. All you need to apply it to your cart to see the discount.

Where to buy Jackery Explorer for maximum discount?

Lately, Graph effect team found Jackery on Amazon and eBay too. However, I suggest to buy your portable power station from official site only. It ensure your warranty and guarantee claims. Nonetheless, a promo code is a bonus when buy from a main site.

What is a Jackery Explorer warranty?

The company provides 2 years warranty against defects in material and workmanship. It is valid only if you buy from official site.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Jackery gives 30 days money back guarantee on goods that you order directly from official web store. In case of any query, please contact their support team to get your refund.

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