Ultraloq U-tec Coupon: U-Bold Pro Discount Code

Do you want a Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro coupon code? Well, this is page to enjoy huge discount on U-tec locks!

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is the world’s first smart deadbolt system. It gives you complete control of all the doors of your home. Controlling and monitoring your door from anywhere at anytime makes this a smart security system that everybody is looking for.

In today’s tech era, everything is revolutionized, and your home security isn’t excluded. Save your time with real key less experience, yet maximum security for your door. All you need to install U-Bolt Pro on your door for maximum flexibility.

Ultraloq UBolt Pro promo code

Ultraloq by U-Tec is the revolutionary smart lock system for your front door. You can unlock your door from your fingerprint, key fod, code or a smartphone. You can also let you guests open your door by sharing an eKey with them.

Who says we need key to unlock the door? Don’t you know that it is 21st century. If we don’t need pen to write (Aka Digital writing pad), then why need those traditional key? Let Ultraloq U Bolt Pro gives smart security to your home with much better experience!

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Ultraloq UBolt Pro –  Smart Lock For Your Doors

Based in Silicon Valley, West Coast; the U-tec has been in smart home security field since last few decades. It was founded by Kevin Zhu with the mission to bring best security and convenience for every single door in your home. U-tec is an inventor, designer, and manufacturer of Ultraloq Whole-Home smart lock system – best way to access every door of your home in a keyless way.

How To Install Ultraloq?

Installing a Ultraloq is very simple. No wiring or drilling is required. Furthermore, the minimalist design makes it great fit for any door design and structure. Nonetheless, you can integrate Ultraloq seamlessly with all the major smart home devices and platforms such as Alexa, Google Mini for maximum benefit.

Awesome Features of U-Bolt Pro:

  • Give permanent or temporary access to your guests, family members, babywalker, pet care no matter wherever you are.
  • Powerful Smartphone apps to lock, unlock and monitor every access of your all the doors.
  • Auto Lock feature automatically locks the door within 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Receive instant smartphone notification once your kids open a door.
  • Unlock door from remotely for your senior, if they lose the key or passcode or key fob.

U-tec Products and Pricing

U-tec features wide range of smart home security gadgets such as U-Bolt, U-Bolt Pro, Lever, UL1, UL3 BT and UL300. It cost $139.99, $189.99, $189.99, $269.99, $169.99 and $499 respectively. You can use any of these gadget as per your requirement. There is an option to purchase a combo as well. Apart from above locks, you can also purchase smart access such as Key Fob, Add-on Smart dealbolt, Bridge WiFi adaptor, cover plate and thick door kit. It cost anything from $4.99 to as much as $149.99 only. The U-Bolt uses the latest Blutooth technology and powered by 4 AA size battery cell only. It can last for a whole year for normal usage.

4 FAQs By GraphEffect’s Team

Grapheffect prepared four common questions and answers about coupons and promo codes of Ultraloq.

How does a coupon code for Ultraloq works?

The entire process is fully automatic! All you have to click our link to redeem our exclusive Ultraloq coupon code automatically at checkout page.

Is there any way to get maximum U-tec discount?

Yes, you can enjoy additional discount when combine your U-tec promo code with a combo product purchase. Furthermore, the company offer free shipping on any US order of $99 or more.

Does U-tec give any money-back guarantee?

All your orders are covered with no-question asked 30 days money back guarantee. It is valid only, if you bought it from official website. Not valid for Amazon and eBay orders!

What is the warranty of Ultraloq U Bolt Pro?

Each Ultraloq smart lock is covered under lifetime finish and mechanical warranty along with a 12 to 18 months warranty on electronics parts to the date of original purchase.

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