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In Shape Mummy is superfood brand for busy moms. No body likes to be over weighted. In order to lose fat; you need time. Yes lot of time and dedication too. Unfortunately; being a busy mum you don’t have enough time to even set your hair properly. The big question is; how would you get time to cut your weight? Fortunately; there is easy and most effective way out there.

in shape mummy shake discount code

In Shape Mummy is the fast action Superfood weight loss shake; especially for busy mums who don’t have time. It not only helps to lose your weight; but also boost your energy with the help of vitamins and minerals. No need to spend time on heavy exercise or cooking healthy food! Just take this meal replacement shake daily to get healthier body. There are so many weight loss products available in market; but In Shape Mummy is specially designed for breastfeeding moms. Because it needs special approach towards like healthy lifestyle.

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Is It Best Tasting Weight Loss Shake?

Based in Gold Coast, Australia; the In Shape Mummy is weight loss Superfood shake for busy mums. It was founded by Lisa Bergsma – a mom of two. After first pregnancy; Lisa struggled to find weight loss supplement for breastfeeding mom. She decided to contact Australia’s leading nutritionist and dietitians to help her. Finally; they come up with the healthy superfood shake that give her to energy boost she needed while helping her to lose her weight too. After having successful trial; Lisa decided to launch the product to help other moms to lose their weight too.

The idea behind In shape mummy shake is to improve your overall health without affecting your baby’s needs. Most of weight loss product reduce our energy level and being a breastfeeding mum; we can’t afford it. Fortunately; this is the only meal replacement shake that boost your energy level and at the same time lose your pounds. As a result; you take deep sleep, feel energetic and a focused whole day.

Why Choose In Shape Mummy?

You might be wondering; there are so many shakes out there; so why do I need to select In Shape Mummy? Don’t be fooled. This is not just a shake; instead It is blend of nutrition that every breastfeeding mums need. This is the only shake that is specially formulated for breastfeeding moms. So you won’t tired and terrible anymore!

  • The meal replacement shake contains blend of organic brown rice and pea protein, minerals, 25 vitamins, Fibre, antioxidants and Probiotics too. In fact; it is the complete Superfood to support your overall health.
  • You can prepare slimming shake in not more than 60 seconds and easily replace 1 or 2 meals or snacks.
  • It is affordable shake that comes with special discount coupon too.
  • In Shape Mummy contains 98% less sugar to turbocharge your weight loss journey.
  • Shake is 100% natural and doesn’t contain dairy foods, soy protein, Lactose, Gluten or artificial colors and chemicals.
  • In Shape contains milk boosting ingredients such as herbs, Fenugreek and Milk Thistle.
  • It get you in shape by reducing stress, and boosting your energy plus milk production.

Products and Pricing

There are two main products available at In Shape Mummy – Meal replacement shakes and Fat burning tea. The shake is categorized into two parts; for breastfeeding mom and for beyond breastfeeding mums. Price of a single tub is $69.95 only. It is available into two flavors; Vanilla and Chocolate Brownie. You can buy a combo pack for $119.92 only. The cost of Fat Burner and Tummy Trimming tea is $24.94 each. Here again; the combo is available at up to 20% off without any promo code.

If you are looking for In Shape Mummy coupon code; then I have a good news! Please use my above voucher at your cart to save additional 10% off. Furthermore; you can join their email newsletter to get alert of all the offers.

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