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Hard Disk Sentinel (also known as HDSentinel) is the HDD and SDD analysis and monitoring software that works for multiple OSs. It basically checks, tests and repairs hard disk health and temperature problems. HDSentinel is considered as the perfect tool that prevents HDD failure and SDD data loss. It works on industry most sensitive disk health rating system; that makes is powerful tool to identify disk problems.

Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) discount coupon

Hard Disk Sentinel is the all-in-one software that not only works for your internet hard disk but also works for SSDs, external hard disks, RAID arrays, Micro Sd cards, and NAS drives too. So that; you don’t need any additional hard disk related utility. One interesting thing about software is that; it provides wide range of reports and alerts. Apart from monitoring HDD health; Tool also measures and reports real time disk transfer speed.

Top rated Hard Disk Sentinel Coupons and Codes

HDSPH2 – Head up and buy the Professional edition of software at whopping 40% off the regular price. You must apply this code to claim a deal.

SOFTPEDIA12 – It is limited time valid code that you apply towards your next order to get up to 30% discount. It is not good for your previous purchases and works once per user.

Upto 70% Off – Hurry and order a family license that protects up to 5 computers at EUR 49.95 ($53) only. It is lifetime valid license, so that you can save whopping up to 70% off the normal price. If you want to secure HDD of all the computers of your family member; then this is going to be a steal deal for you.

Free Trial – Download and try HDSentiel for a Free for Linux, Dos and Windows operating system. Trial version is certain limitation, so if you want to enjoy full feature to go for Standard edition. Please visit the trial page to find out all the available features in trial license.

How Does It Works?

Hard Disk Sentinel is the software product developed by Heartfelt Development Services Hungary Kft. Head office is located in Urhida, Hungary and they delivers product worldwide. As said earlier; HDSentinel simply test, diagnose and fix your SSDs, HDDs, external RAID boxes, industrial micro SD cards, pen-drives and tape drives. The software runs in the background and continuously check the health of your hard disks by monitoring the SMART status of your disks. It uses S.M.A.R.T monitoring technology to detects and reports every critical disk problems. So that you can easily finds your disk’s current status and expected life.

Do You Really Need It?

If you want to make sure that your hard disks data will be available at any point of time; then you should need this software. It is especially developed for you if:

  • If you are using multiple storage devices in your PC.
  • you are having computer with heavy disk load.
  • If you want to keep your sensitive, and valuable data protected.
  • If you don’t want to lose your important data.

Packages and Prices

The Hard Disk Sentinel offers four main licenses such as Trial, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The Professional is the most popular edition that comes with all the required features. It costs you $29.95 only; while the Trial version is absolutely FREE. However Trial offers very limited features only. The price of Standard edition is $19.50 only; while the cost of Enterprise version is just $199.50. Save up to 20% off with a Hard Disk Sentinel coupon code. If you don’t want to bother finding any promo codes then wait for Black Friday sale or buy a family license at special offer.

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