Sonarworks Reference 4 Discount (No Coupon Needed)

Sonarworks often release a coupon code; so that you can buy Reference 4 and other products at a discount price.

The Sonarworks uses the sound calibration technology to calibrates the sound on your speakers as well as the headphones. If you are a music lover or a creator; who wants the accurate listening experience; then this is the program for you. You might be surprised to know that; the sounds of every headphone is different. Sometime; the same model gives the different sound. It is the difficult; rather more expensive for a manufacturer to gives you the Reference headphones.

Sonarworks Reference 4 discount code

The Sonarworks is a developer of sound calibration software; that is available for almost all the popular headphone models. The Software comes with so many plugins, add-on and extras to gives you the best listening experience. With the help of individual calibration; you can easily correct the stereo balance. Regardless of the distance; a headphone calibrated by the gives you the same sound. So that you can work effectively and listen the same track.

Top rated Sonarworks Promotions and Codes

Free Trial – Download and try the latest version of the Reference 4 for FREE. You can also enjoy a free trial for the True-Fi desktop application.

Headphone Edition – Follow the link to order of the headphone calibration tools and the services starting from €99 only.

Special Student Offer – Are you a student or a teacher? here is the special deal. Save whopping 50% off on all the digital products. In order to claim a deal; you need to send a request at the support center. Please provide your digital copy of the student ID or teacher ID to get a discount.

Free Upgrade – Upgrade to the Reference 4 headphone edition for FREE. It is valid only if you have purchased or activated the license Before 10th September 2017. Furthermore you can win a Sennheiser HD 650; when upgrade to the Reference 4.1. Please keep in mind that; the Grace period time is 30-day.

Should You Buy a Reference 4 Or Not?

The Sonarworks was started by two music lovers in 2012. The motto is to provide you best sound tool; so that you can focus on your music instead of studio setup. Now; Sonar Works software are used by thousands of studios worldwide. Basically they offers a software for the music creators and the music lovers. The Reference is a software that calibrates sounds of the music generation devices such as; a speaker and headphone. The latest product is a SonarWorks digital sound standard; It eliminates unwanted coloration and delivers accurate studio reference sound on all the devices. Below are some awesome features of the Reference 4 version:

  • It automatically locates the microphone in your studio.
  • Supports system-wide calibration that works with both Mac and Windows os.
  • The software lets you check your room and headphone sounds before and after the correction.
  • Offers a DAW plugin for true zero latency processing.

Products and Pricing Model

Sonarworks offers two main products; The Reference and True-Fi app. The Reference is the software for a music producer. There are three main packages available for you; Reference 4 Headphone edition, Reference 4 Studio edition and the Premium bundle. The price of a Headphone edition is €99 only. It comes with app and plugin for Headphones. The price for Studio edition is €299 only. It is full package to calibrate speakers and headphones in your studio. The premium bundle cost you €699 only. It is an all-in-one package that offers Pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650 on the top of the studio version. The Sonarworks coupon code mostly available on the time of special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can save up to 25% off with the a promo code and special offers.

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