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AeroAdmin is the premium yet free to use Remote desktop software. Do you want to access to the remote computer without worrying about security glitches? then this is the best solution. It provides end-to-end encryption with latest algorithm to secure your sessions and data too. Those are the days – when you have to spend lot of time to configure RDA. Now you can start accessing remove pc within a couple of clicks only.

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Whether you are on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS; the AeroAdmin Pro has got you covered. You don’t have to install or configure anything on your device. It is an out of the box tool that works immediately. So even a non-techy user can use it as easy as 1-2-3. The software comes with easy to understand and easy to use user-friendly interface. That’s why – the AeroAdmin Pro is best suitable for both professional as well as anon-tech person.

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Is It The Best Remove Desktop Software?

Based in San Jose, CA; the AeroAdmin LLC was started in 2012 by the team of IT specialists and developers. It is an all in one tool for remote desktop control such as simultaneous remove connections, unattended access, multiple file transfer and ability to connect to any number of remove computers.

How To Use It?

Below are three easy steps to setup a remote desktop connection over the internet.

  1. First of all both operator and remote partner have to download and run admin and client side app respectively.
  2. An operator has to put client id to initiate the process.
  3. An operator has to click “Connect” button and wait for the remote client to access your request. The session will be started once a remove client will access an operator request.

Stunning Features of An AeroAdmin Pro:

  • No registration, installation or configuration.
  • It is lightweight software having a size of 2Mb only.
  • Ability to connect to any computer over internet.
  • Unattended access with file transfer.
  • Comes with total AES and RSA encryption.
  • Support multi monitor and multilingual interface.
  • Secured parallel sessions are available.
  • It can connect to computer in different LAN behind NAT.

Packages and Pricing

There are three plans available for a user of an AeroAdmin – a PRO, BUSINESS and the CORPORATE. The PRO allows an operator to control up to 3 remove connections at a time. It supports 30 SOS messages a month and cost you $79.9 per year. The price of the BUSINESS license is $109.9 per set per year only. It allows operator to control unlimited remote computers and 100 SOS messages per month. The CORPORATE license is for IT professionals and businesses of any scale. It support unlimited SOS messages per month and cost you $139.9 a year only.

Please try an AeroAdmin pro coupon code; if you don’t want to spend full amount. There is a bulk volume deal too. You should combine a promo code with this deal to save even more. All these licenses come with 10 days money back guarantee too.

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