Zonkeywords Coupon: Get Discount Code for Keyword Finder

Zonkeywords Reverse Asin X and Keyword X are available at 50% discount. No any coupon code needed!

Zonkeywords is an Amazon sellers tool to find the hidden keywords that other tools miss. Do you know why your competitor make more money? Do you want more traffic and revenue from your Amazon listing? then you are at a right place. Why should you waste your time in focusing on keywords that nobody search! Instead you should try an AI powered tool to discover the most profitable keywords in no time.

zonkeywords reviews and coupon code

Unlike many other Amazon sellers software; the Zonkeywords uses an Artificial Intelligence and in-built algorithm to discover the large number of keywords for you. Let’s say; you have great product available at good price. But what is the point; if no body even visit your product page. The keyword plays important role to bring organic traffic towards your listing. This is where; the Zonkeywords comes into the picture. It showcases the buyers friendly keywords to helps your to launch your product effectively.

Top rated Zonkeywords Coupons and Codes

Up to 35% Off (Most Popular!) – Here is the top selling deal for you. Go ahead to order a VIP pack and receive up to 35% discount. It is the a combo pack of Keyword X and Reverse Asin X. There is no any contract here; you can cancel it anytime.

Up to $300 Off (Best Value!) – Do you want to find the hidden keywords on regular basis? then you should buy an annual membership. You save whopping $300 here. It cost you $149 only, market price is $480. It is the perfect plan for brand new sellers.

Save Up to $350 Off – If you are serious about your Amazon FBA business; then order a VIP pack for an entire year. Enjoy whopping up to $350 off without any voucher. If you want to focus on competitors rank only; then purchase the Reverse Asin X pack for a year.

Free Trial – Take an opportunity to test the full features trial for 10 free keyword searches. No need to provide credit card.

Is It The Reliable Tool for The Amazon Sellers?

The Zonkeywords was launched couple of years back by Lewis Civin and Kevin David – Successful Amazon sellers and FBA coach. It was started with the mission to help Amazon sellers to launch their products effectively. Whether you are a new seller or pro want to boost their sales; the tool has got you covered. It not only save your precious time that you might waste on finding kw; but also save money for your initial launch stage. No need do a guesswork; when you can find the 100% working keywords for your Amazon listing!

Why To Choose Zonkeywords?

  • It helps to collect data from various marketplaces such as US, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, India, France and Japan.
  • Smart IQ score technique to provide the keywords with high search volume yet low competition.
  • Discover the top ranking keywords of your competitors for any Asin.
  • Optimize your PPC campaign with sponsored ad-ready CSV.
  • Get an access to the direct Amazon data – no any guesswork.
  • Export all their data into easy to understand Csv.

Products and Pricing

There are three packages available at the Zonkeywords – a Keyword X, Reverse ASIN X and a VIP Pack. The Keyword X is the perfect plan; if you want to find hidden keywords that other tool miss. It cost you $39 per month only. The Reverse ASIN X is to spy on your competitors and discover their top ranking keywords. It is best pack for new seller and available at $39 a month only. The VIP Pack is the combination of both the Keyword X and Reverse ASIN X. In fact; it gives you access to few more features too. The price of VIP is $49 per month only.

Do you want to a Zonkeywords coupon code? Fortunately you can save whopping up to 50% off with an annual subscription option. On a positive note; it does not require any special promo code from your side.

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