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TrainYourEars 2.0 is an ear training software for sound engineers. Being sound engineer is not an easy thing. You need connect the sound you imagine with the parameters you want to dial. It takes lot of time to develop a frequency memory. Now you no need to learn sound with a guess work. The software helps you to learn and understand the sound frequencies and equalizers in quick and easy way.

trainyourears 2.0 coupon code

Train Your Ears is an advanced hearing exercise software to improve your audio skills. The software helps you to test hundreds of random equalizations to boost your learning process. If the guess work is wrong; then it will tell you how wrong you are! The Train Your Ears not only tells how wrong; but also allows you to hear both correct answer and guess result. This is how; you can examine what is wrong in your guess work and develop a frequency memory in no time.

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Is It The Best Sound Learning Software?

TrainYourEars 2.0 was launched in 2010 with a mission help you learn sounds effortlessly. It is a hearing software for sound producer, recorders, and an audio engineers. It has been used and suggested by Bob Katz – a popular audio mastering personality. The TYE 2.0 is a brand new ear training method. Unlike the guesswork in previous version; the TYE2.0 allows you to make corrections while you hear the result.

How Does it Work?

  1. You need to load the music you want to test with. Use your own files or take audio from other software.
  2. Next step is to choose your quiz with the help of an Exercise Designer.
  3. Last step is to train your ears with two available methods; Guess Method and a Brand New Correct method.

Stunning Features of the Train Your Ears 2.0:

  • Design your own exercises to train filter, types, frequencies, gains and even Q factors.
  • It is available for Mac and Windows OS.
  • Learn different type of noise such as white, pink etc.
  • Simple user interface to allows you to drag-and-drop your favorite sounds and audios.
  • It comes with two training mode; Guess and Correct. The Correct allows you to find exact opposite of the EQ applied.

Products and Pricing

There are two licenses available at TrainYourEars 2.0 – a Private and Public. The Public Use License is best for a university who want to install TYE in a public pc. It cost you 89€ per license. The private license is for an individual who want to learn sound exercises at their own computer. The price is €49 only; regular price is €89. It is a lifetime valid license; you don’t have to buy recurring subscription for same.

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