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TourBox is an easy to use controller for digital creators. You can use this editing console to improve your editing experience with video, sound or photo software. Being a digital creator, I know that we have to spend much of time in formatting digital content. In fact, sometime we need to hire a professional computer operator to format our file to the desire result.

Do you want to focus more on creating content rather than editing it? Are you running lack of time? Don’t you afford professional content editor? Well, the TourBoxTech is your ultimate digital controller.

tourbox tech coupon code

This tiny little piece boost your work efficiency no matter what graphic design software you use; Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Capture One or Lightroom. Need not to mention, the Tour box also works with audio editing software like DaVinci, Final Cut Pro, C4D and more.

Whether you are using Mouse, Graphic pad or a Keyword; the TourBox works smoothly. In fact, you can use it alone as well.

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TourBox Tech – The Game Changing Controller for Techies

Work smarter, Not harder. The TourBox makes it true especially for photographers and designers. Founder was using a traditional keyboard and mouse to operate designing software. In fact, it was complicated and very less effective. He decided to find a better solution to handle this real world problems. The result is the Tourbox – a tool that has completely reshape the industry.

This is not another average gadget. It took more than 2 years in research, framework designing an hardware building to make a Tour box. Now, it is the first choice among the digital creators from all around the world. This powerful tool is act like an extension of your hard to create and control your editing part in most quickest way. The wheel, knob, buttons and dial makes Tourbox an ultimate tool to operate graphic software easily and effectively.

Awesome Features of Editing Console

Grapheffect team found TourBox a lightweight, durable and compatible with Mac and Windows. I have compiled some stunning features of this controller as listed below.

  • Smooth knob lets you control the opacity size, hardness and flow of the brush without diverting your workflow.
  • Switch between different tools instantly by pressing the cross button.
  • All in one dial helps to control slider, numerical, quick search or a frame stepping.
  • Wheel, dial and knob let you navigate smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Short and side buttons give you additional powerful functions within your hand.
  • Tourbox console is fully customizable. You can set it up with any editing software with shotcode of your choice to work smoothly.
  • Preset, Tag and Prompter system make this controller easy to use.

All these features come into a single controller. Isn’t it great? why are you waiting for? Is that because of price? Well, team of Grapheffect is here to get you discount on Tourbox tech products. If you still have any queries, please go through our below FAQ section.

Products and Pricing

TourBox Photo and Video Editing Controller is available to buy at a discount price of $169 only, normally $189. Your package contains a controller, Type-c cable, safety instructions and quick start guide. You can buy a higher pack at $179 only, regular price is $219. It contains a Tour Box and a portable bag to keep your controller and accessories together within single pouch. It is durable, semi-rigid shell and safe to carry your gadget anywhere you wish.

Are you planning to order a controller from Amazon or eBay? Well, I don’t suggest it. You must get it from an official site only to get the company’s warranty and guarantee claim.

4 FAQs By Grapheffect Experts

Can I use my Tourbox coupon code on sale price?

Yes, of course. You are allowed to use a Tourbox tech coupon codes for a product on a sale. However, there are certain limitation that you should read first.

How can I save maximum amount at Tourbox?

A controller is available on sale at up to $30 off. You can use our promo code on this sale item for even more saving.

Is there any warranty on Tourbox?

Yes, they do have one year warranty on editing console. Please visit an official site for more details.

Do they have any money back policy?

Official website of Tourbox doesn’t mention anything about refund or return. However, Grapheffect’s team googled and found that they provide 30 days return policy.

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