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ShortPixel is an image compression plugin for your WordPress website. Don’t worry; if you are using different CMS; they have API to supports all the platform. Do you know that images can adversely affect your Website performance? Is your website loading slow? then you must reduce size of media files. But, does it really possible? Yes! you can optimize all your images and the PDF files to boost your site’s speed.

shortpixel plugin coupon code

ShortPixel is the most advance WP speed optimization plugin that reduces size of your images with just one click. It is image friendly, and fully automatic plugin. You just need to to set and forget it. This tool will works on autopilot to optimize all your previous pictures and PDF documents. Compression your website media files haven’t been so easier! Most of image compression plugin generate low quality output. Fortunately ShortPixel uses the Glossy algorithms to support lossy, glossy and lossless optimization. Now you can compress your photos by up to 90% without lossing quality.

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Why Do You Need Image Optimization and Compression?

At the present time; almost all the giant websites including Instagram and Pinterest compress your photos with their own built-in technology. This is to increase loading time, and to improve the overall user experience.

But, let say you are going to upload picture on your own website or blog; then the scenario will be totally different. The leading CMS like WordPress etc don’t have in-house technique to handle image sizes. If you took photo from your DSLR camera; then it will have huge size of approx 8mb. Imagine, if you were add these images in your website. It will definitely reduce your page speed, and visitors have to wait for a long. Isn’t that bad impression? The chances are high that they won’t even come back to your site. That’s why you need to care your image properly.

Based in Bucharest, Romania; the ShortPixel is the best platform to reduce your image size without losing quality. This SaaS based web platform was started in 2014 by Simon Duduica with the mission to help webmaster to make their site faster by optimizing their images. It is the only proprietary image analying software that combines the open source encoding tool to gives the best compression. That’s why; The Short Pixel helps to reduce your image size by as much as 90%. The best thing is; the plans are available at discount rate.

How Does the ShortPixel Work?

Unlike many other WordPress plugin; the ShortPixel comes with free different package such as lossy, Glossy and Lossless. The Lossy version is the smallest possible image optimization method. The Glossy provides medium compression for better visuals. The Lossless version provides the highest compression rate without affecting visuals. In fact, it increase your website speed massively. Below are some awesome features of the ShortPixel platform:

  • Utilize powerful algorithms to most advance compression.
  • It is available on WordPress plugin for one click image optimization.
  • Supports almost all the formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, WebP and more.
  • Bulk picture optimization is also available.
  • Supports quick backup and uses less bandwidth.
  • All their packages are at lowest online price, so you don’t need any discount coupon here.

How Does Lifetime Membership Cost?

There are two type of plans available at ShortPixel; Monthly and One-Time. The Monthly plans are divided into four sub-categories; a Free, Short, Large and XXL. It comes with 200, 10000, 24000, and 110k images per month respectively. The price is Free, $4.99/mo, $9.99/mon and $29.99/month respectively. All these memberships come with no file size limit, WordPress plugin, one API key, and bulk optimizer.

There are lifetime plans for Short Pixel as well; One-Time 10K, One-Time 30K, One-Time 50K and One-Time 170K. It cost you $9.99, $19.99, $29.99 and $99 respectively. There is no any recurring payment here. Furthermore; you get free credits with every lifetime deal without any promo code.

Presently; the lifetime memberships are on a sale. Please redeem our ShortPixel coupon code to enjoy free bonus with your every package order.

Originally posted 2020-04-20 07:09:28.