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Shop Moment Lens is the best place to buy photography gears, camera lenses, mobile camera apps and many more. No need to bring a bulky camera everywhere. It’s time to take professional quality photos through the mobile in your pocket. Now you can turn your mobile into the professional DSLR camera. Choose from wide range of the lenses and cases to make your holiday trips memorable.

shopmoment lens coupon code

Whether you want micro shot or video shot; The ShopMoment is the only solution for you. The lenses are available for a iPhone and other popular smartphone. You just need to plugin the lightweight lens on a  smartphone to enhance your photography experience. Why should you spend thousands of dollars on DSLR camera; you can make your smartphone into professional camera in cost effective way. If you love photography; then the lenses by ShopMoment will surely attract you. I suggest to order it from an official site only.

Top rated Shop Moment Lens Coupons and Codes

Upto 40% Off – You can order original cases and lenses at up to 40% discount price. They can honor 40% off promotion for anybody who placed within the past 7 days. If you are one of those; then contact them to apply a promotion on your order. You can enter “happyholidays” at a cart to get 10% discount on your first order.

15% Off – Your wait is over now! The OnePlus 6 is now added to their collection. Go and get Oneplus 6 gears at up to 15% off the retail price.

Flash Sale – Order a mobile camera lens from the sale section to save up to 30% off. You can save even more on order of Used gears. All the used gears are tested and certified; so that you can buy it confidently.

Risk-Free Trip – Browse from dozens of trips and gift Moment trip risk-free. You get full refund; if they are not 200% stoked.

WORTHTHEWAIT – Copy and apply a code to get 10% discount on Pixel 2 cases. It is valid for Pre-order only.

Should You Buy Smartphone Gears From Them or Not?

Based in Seattle, WA; The Shop Moment is an online retailer and manufacturer of smartphone gears. They are best known for camera lenses and mobile photography gears. They offer phone case upgrade guarantee. That means’ the Moment case will support the upcoming smartphone model. The company start the works as soon as there are strong rumors. They try to release a gear on same or closest date of launch date. Apart from camera gears; they also host holiday photography trips. You can book a trip to some beautiful destination all around the world at affordable price.

The Lenses are lightweight, portable and easy to use. You can take stunning, crispy and beautiful photos with the help of wide angle lens.

The Shop Moment believes in a quality product that last long. Hence; they offer 12 months warranty on all their items. If you find anything wrong with your smartphone camera gear; ask them to exchange or repair it for free. It is valid only; if you buy gears from an official site. You should avoid buying it from third party sites like eBay, Aliexpress or Amazon.

Products and Pricing

Whether you are a blogger, Youtuber, professional or passionate photographer; the camera lenses of Shop Moment is for everyone. Some of the popular gears of them are; Tele Lens, Wide Lens, Micro Lens and Superfish Lens. The price is $89.99, $89.99, $79.99 and $79.99 respectively. Please pre-order your lens with a ShopMoment coupon code to enjoy up to 20% discount. If you have multiple promo codes; then they will honor a code with deepest discount. You cannot stack two coupons in a single order. However; you should plan to redeem a voucher on used gears to get an additional discount.

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