sendiio 2.0 agency coupon code

Sendiio 2.0 Discounts and Agency License Coupon Codes

Here are latest Sendiio coupon codes for auto-responder services. Claim up to 40% discount and free trial when you join Sendiio 2.0 through the Graph Effect page.

Need an autoresponder that helps you out in marketing tasks? Are you surfing the internet for the best autoresponder at a low cost? Sendiio 2.0 is back to solve all your issues! Looking for Sendio 2.0 coupon Code?  Read the article fully and get your amazing discount code.

sendiio 2.0 agency coupon code

The Sendiio 2.0 is one of the best Autobots, it has lots of features that are not available in the other bots. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can definitely trust and use the Sendiio 2.0.

Top Most Sendiio Coupons and Offer Codes

MAR15 or APR15 or MAY15 (Ongoing Promotion)

Please redeem either of these codes at the time of signup. Get whopping 70% discount on your entire order.

Save 70% OFF On Agency Pack (Most Popular)

For a limited time only, order the Agency license at the one time fee of $97 only, normally $97/mo. No any setup fees here.

Up to 60% OFF On Standard License (Best Value)

No need to pay monthly price. Get the Standard license for one time price of $87 only. Normally $77/month.

Free Bonuses On Sendio Order

Now you can order Personal or Agency license to get an access for a free bonuses value over $999.

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The Sendio is one of the highest-rated autoresponders in the market. Use our Sendiio discount code to get the best autoresponder at a discount price.


Sendiio 2.0: An Ultimate AutoResponder Solution

The Sendiio 2.0 is an autoresponder that allows you to earn profit from the power of email marketing, text messaging, and Facebook messaging. This platform allows you to send messages to the list of people so that you can turn them into customers and increase your sales.

The Sendiio has lots of features that allow you to increase your sales by three times your actual profit. You will be happy to know that, this software generated 4miilion worth of business in one day. The Sendiio offers you zero monthly fees and only a one-time payment. If you are a marketer definitely you need Sendiio 2.0.

Don’t spend full price, when you have a Sendiio 2.0 coupon code. Gain huge discount on your order of Personal or agency license.

Amazing Features of Sendiio

There are lots of mind-blowing features in Sendiio 2.0, The Sendiio is fully packed with features for marketers. Sendiio 2.0 is a gem for marketing people because it allows them to do unlimited marketing campaigns with zero monthly fees!

Unlimited Lists:

With Sendiio 2.0, You can set unlimited email campaigns, just have to create your own email list and upload it to Sendiio 2.0. The Sendiio 2.0 will automatically send emails to that email list. You can check the statistics of the campaign in the dashboard. Yes, email marketing is that simple with Sendiio 2.0, you can also remove the spam emails to get the exact list of email lists.

Not only email marketing, but you can also do SMS campaigns and Facebook messaging campaigns with Sendiio 2.0. You can also update unlimited lists with Facebook and SMS too. In an SMS marketing campaign, you can upload an unlimited numbers list to Sendiio 2.0.


Are you a new user of Sendiio 2.0, don’t know where to start? No worries Sendiio 2.0 is offering you a complete tutorial of their platform. You can learn from scratch and set up your own marketing campaigns on all three platforms.

So don’t think much, use Sendiio 2.0 and increase your sales. For more exciting features of the Sendiio 2.0 please visit their official Website.

Sendiio 2.0 Promo and Discounts

Available coupon code: 2+

Average Sendiio discount value: 20% off

Last Updated: Just a Week ago

Plans and Pricing

The Sendiio 2.0 has two basic plans for everyone, they are Sendiio agency and Sendiio personal. Let’s see the features listed under both the plans and pricing too. Please make sure to redeem our coupon code for Sendiio to get discount on agency license.

Sendiio Personal:

 These are some features under the Sendiio personal Plan, Full Access to all 3 platforms – Email, Text, and FB Messenger, Import 3,000 Email Leads, Import 3,000 Phone number, Collect an Unlimited Amount of FB Messenger Subscribers, Create up to 50 Lists for your Email and Text subscribers, Connect up to 5 FB Pages to automate their FB Messenger, Build up to 10 Optin Forms for Email AND Phone number campaigns, and lot more. The pricing of this plan is only $87.

Sendiio Agency:

The Sendiio Agency package has all the features that personal package have plus the following features,  View In-depth Stats For ALL Your Email Campaigns, Full Click Stats For Your Text Campaigns, Automatic Removal of Bounced Emails for amazing list hygiene, Easily RESEND your email, campaigns based on your subscriber’s activity for more targeted results, Set up an automatic, Welcome Message For EVERY New Messenger Subscriber, BONUS: Agency License To Offer, ALL 3 Services to Clients, BONUS: Twitter Autoresponder, BONUS: Ringless Voicemail Drops, FULL Access to ALL NEW 2.0 Features. The pricing of the package is only $97.

For more features and bonus packages please visit the Sendiio 2.0 page. You can use our Sendiio 2.0 discount code to get exciting offers.

3 Sendiio FAQs by Graph Effect

What are the Pricing plans available in Sendiio 2.0?

There are two Pricing plans available in Sendiio 2.0. They are Sendiio Personal, Sendiio Agency.

How long do Sendiio 2.0 coupon codes last?

General coupon – usually lasts 2-4 days, Flash promo code- usually lasts 24 hours.

How do you claim your Sendiio discount?

A Sendiio coupon code is basically a promo code that a customer can enter at checkout and get a discount on their order. Offer gift cards in your store to boost up sales during the holidays.

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