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Scientis Pharma is the leading manufacturer of Cysteamine cream. Do you want to correct your skin tone naturally? then this is the product. The Cyspera® is an intensive pigment corrector that contains Cysteamine and several other ingredients. The Skin discoloration often leads of lack of confidence. Fortunately; you can now get your old skin back without visiting doctor. The Cysteamine is the best solution to fix the appearance of skin discoloration.

Scientis Pharma Cysteamine Cream Coupon code

There are many dermal products available out there; however Scientis Pharma is different among those. It is recommended by the experts and dermatologist all around the world. Why should you spend thousands of dollars on surgery – when you can get same result naturally. All you have to apply the Cyspera cream to an affected area and see the difference. The Cysteamine cream help to reduces the level of melanin in your skin. Please visit the Scientis Pharma website to find your local distributor and reseller.

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Is It The Best Cysteamine Cream?

Based in Geneva, Switzerland; the Scientis Pharma is the leading biotech company that mainly works for hyperpigmentation concerns. It was started in 2015 by Jean-François Gouzer – a skin specialist and dermatologist. They spend countless hours to research and develop their skin products. It is the first company who provides the cysteamine based cream. The Cyspera is the clinically proven formula. As per the study; the formula can reduce pigment by 67% within few weeks of usage. It not only correct the pigment but also significantly improves the appearance of discoloration.

  • It is free from retinoic acid, hydroquinone and corticosteroid.
  • Far better results as compared to other products. It has great benefit to risk ratio.
  • Cream is highly bio-compatible and well researched.
  • You can apply Cyspera on any skin phototypes; since it is not a photosensitizer.

How To Use Scientis Pharma?

  1. All you need to use a cream on a rested skin. Please don’t wash your skin before application.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Cysteamine cream on your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes.
  3. Now remove it by washing the affected area with a gentle face cleaner. Gently dry your face.
  4. Apply moisturizer to maintain skin hydration during entire day. For the best result; you should use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily.

Cyspera Products and Pricing

The Scientis Pharma is available in form of a tube. The weight of a tube is 1.75 oz. You need to use it once a day for few week to see the result. You can start seeing the corrected pigment after 6 weeks of application. Please make sure to follow the daily routine to avoid delay in your result. The price of a single tube is $169 only. You can order it online at official site. Alternatively; the Cyspera is available at Amazon and other third party eStore too.

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