Roadie Tuner 3 Coupon Code for Roadie 2 and Bass

Order a Roadie Tuner 2, 1 or Roadie Bass at huge discount price! Please apply a coupon code to grab a deal.

Roadie Tuner 3 is the best guitarist tool to tune your stringed musical instruments accurately and automatically. It works with almost all type of stringed devices such as bass, classic, electric, acoustic guitars, mandolin, ukulele and banjo. It is the only fully automatic tuner that can fine tune in a few seconds only. You can switch between alternate tuning within less than a minute. The tuner pairs with a Smartphone application to process the commands.

Roadie Tuner 2 and Bass coupon code

Roadie 3 Tuner is a portable automatic guitar tuning system that you can carry anywhere. Being an experienced or beginner guitarists; you all very well aware about how important it is to tune your guitar! In fact the precision and speed to switch between two different tuning is important. Well, Roadie is packed with all these features and many more too. Now you can spend more time to learning, creating and playing music; instead of tuning your guitar.

Top rated Roadie Tuner Coupons and Codes

H2WAT (Ongoing!) – It is the sitewide valid code that you can apply to get $10 discount on order of any tuner. It is valid once per user per account only.

$20 Off (100% Working!) – It’s time to tune your guitar automatically. Go ahead and purchase the Roadie1 to save whopping $20 off the normal price. Final payable amount is $79; instead of $99.

Upto 21% Off – Order a Roadie 3 pouch to carry your tuner safely anywhere. Get it now at $15; instead of $19.

Free App – Download an award winning smartphone music application for your iOS or Android device. It is available for verified buyers only.

Up to 20% Off – Hurry and spend $100 or more to save up to 20% off the retail price. It is time sensitive promotion and may end without any notice. If its not working; then wait for an another offer. Since Roadie release promotional deals frequently.

Is It Best Automatic Guitar Tuning Device?

The Roadie Tuner is not just another guitarist tool; It is the result of years of research and experiments. It was all began as a kickstarter project in 2014 and today one of the must have guitarist tool. They are the only brand; who provide world’s first every Standalone automatic guitar tuner.┬áIt works in the three simple steps:

  1. Place your phone in front of your guitar. It needs only for Roadie1. If you are using Roadie2 or Bass edition; then you can use it’s in-house software ability to tune your guitar.
  2. Connect your Roadie to the desired strings peg.
  3. Strum the string and Roadie will automatically tune that peg within couple of seconds.

Below are some awesome features of the Roadie Tuner 3:

  • Lightweight, fully automatically and portable guitarist tool.
  • Fine-tune or completely change your guitar tuning in seconds.
  • It can tune those rusty pegs too.
  • It can tune almost all the stringed musical instruments.
  • Tunes up to 150 strings on a single charge. Most importantly; Roadie 3 is available at discount price.
  • Utilizes vibration sensor to cancel noise and provides quality and accurate tuning even in noisy environments.
  • Allows to create your own custom tuning through their app. Alternatively you can choose from 43 preset alternate tuning.

Products and Pricing

There are basically three products available for the users of Roadie Tuner – the Roadie 1, Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass. The Roadie 1 is an entry level tuner available at $99 only. It requires mobile application to tune your music device. The price of Roadie 2 is $129 only. It is the standalone automatic tuner; so doesn’t require any mobile app. The cost of Roadie Bass is $149 only. It offers some additional features on top of the Roadie2. The bass edition work for Bass guitars too. You can purchase Roadie 3 from Kickstarter with the given link. Please use the Roadie3 promo code to claim your discount.

The price of this guitar gadget is competitive; however you can still try a Roadie Tuner coupon code to save up to 30% off. If you want to secure best deal; then wait for Black Friday, Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Independence Day and other events. During those special day; you can a save huge without any promo code. So please keep touch with us for more details on such promotional offer.

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