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Do you often go for outdoor and street activities? or do you want to motivate your children to go out to explore the things around? Are you a skate lover, and looking to try something new? Do you want to adopt the modern way of skating? well, here is your choice to get it.

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raldey skateboard discount code logo

My children love skating with their friends. So I decided to gift some cool skateboard that they love to use everyday. After a lot of research work, I stumbled upon Raldey Skateboard, as they are US based brand offering loungeboard for rough and tough usage. I received my product within 7 days from the date of the purchase. The packaging and order process was superb. The Raldey Skateboard came up instruction and some extra goodies that my children love. Thank you very much!

Top Most Raldey Skateboard Coupons and Offer Codes


Head up and apply the promo code to your cart for $10 off the normal price. It is available for the regular price board only.


Here are two vouchers that you can use against your order of Carbon At off road electric skateboard for $50 off.


Copy and insert the code to get $30 discount on purchase of V3S board from the official Raldey website. Plus enjoy free shipping within US and Canada.

Save $200 OFF

Purchase Mountainboard or Mt-V3 electric skateboard at $200 discount price. The final price is $1799 and $499 respectively.

Raldey Skateboard: The Best Place To Order eSkateboards Online

Raldey Skateboard has very long and broad history. It was all started by Juang Xu who started working on electric skateboard development in 1998. Finally, in 2007 Juang developed world’s first electric skateboard that was controlled by remote. He immediately patented his board with a brushless motor. Instead of working with other brands, the John decided to start his own brand, so that he can sell the latest technology within the budget. At the end of 2018, the Raldey Skateboard was established. The mission was to produce the best quality electric skateboard at the most affordable rate. Since than they never compromise on quality. They are best known for stable, reliable and user-friend design.

When it comes to buy electric skateboard, you must cross check couple of things. It includes design, OEM spare parts, warranty, motor RPM, battery life and the wheels. There is no point in spending thousands or hundreds on eSkateboard that doesn’t last for even few months. That’s why we suggest to try the brands like Raldey who know everything about the Skateboard market.

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Raldey Promos and Skateboard Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 4

Average discount: $20 off

Last Use: 3 days ago

Products and Pricing

At the Raldey’s online store, you can find 6 different skateboards to choose from. It includes WASP Electric Mountainboard, Carbon AT V.2 Off road electric skateboard, Bamboo V3S-AT all terrain, Cloud wheel carbon G3, MT-V3 electric longboard for beginner, Off road Mt-V3s board. It cost $1799, $999, $949, $929, $499 and $799 respectively. Based on your requirement, you can choose either of their products. Some of the skateboards are so powerful that you need proper safety gadgets during the ride time. You can expect a discount when purchase the product during the sale. You don’t need to apply any Raldey Skateboard coupons there.

3 FAQs

What is the warranty and guarantee here?

Every Raldey Skateboard come with a 180 day warranty against the manufacturing and workmanship defects. Furthermore, you get 14 days money back guarantee on your every order. You need to contact the team soon if you are not happy with your order.

Do you have any Raldey Skateboard coupon code?

Yes, of course! We have an exclusive promo code for all our readers. You can purchase the Raldey Skateboard at additional 10% discount price with our coupon. You cannot find the voucher at any other site. It is available here only.

How to boost my Raldey Skateboard discount?

It is easy to increase your discount amount. You should consider applying the Raldey Skateboard coupon code to the product on the sale. Sometime, you can enjoy up to 40% off the normal price. However, such incident happens once in a year or so. Please check back us for more such deals and promotions.

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