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Are you an online marketer, a blogger, an agency or social media manager? Do you often spend much time in managing your social media accounts? Are you looking for the reliable and affordable way to create and market social media posts? Don’t have time to do it yourself? No need to worry, we have a solution here.

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predis ai promo code logo

I have been in affiliate marketing and social media management field since a decade. Up until now, I had to spend consider amount of time in creating posts and publish to my social pages. But after finding, all my hard work are gone. With this AI powered tool, I can easily generate and market the social media posts in no time. Best thing is, the price of is reliable and I got a discount after using a coupon code.

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I was looking for the perfect solution to streamline my social media management tasks. Fortunately, I found the Predis.AI. It is cloud based, powerful tool. I have been using Predis AI for past few months, and it has completely transformed the way I work on social media. No more hours long content producing and distributing process.

Predis.AI is designed to give the combined features of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite. That is truly amazing and game changing for the busy and single-handed people like me. With just a few clicks, I can now effortlessly generate and share stunning videos, carousels, and single image posts. Most importantly, it works with different language and match your brand’s niche.

Predis.AI utilize the modern AI technology to give you edge over  your competitors and other tools. The platform utilize the latest version of ChatGPT. So that I can easily work with the tool to create content that perfectly represents my brand. The tool understands my needs and preferences. Moreover, Predis AI ensures every post is tailored to my unique style and voice.

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Plans and Pricing

There are four different memberships available at Predis.AI; Free, Solo, Starter and Agency. The Free supports 15 posts a month. The Solo is best for entry level business or freelancer. It supports 120 posts a month, and 60 competitor analysis per month. It costs $29 per month. The Starter is the most popular plan, and available for $59 per month. Here you get unlimited posts and unlimited competitor analysis. The Agency is the best option for agency that owns multiple clients. Here you can operate up to 5 brands at the cost of $139 per month. Please consider the Predis.AI coupons and get the discount.

3 FAQs for Voucher Codes

Do I need any Predis.AI coupon code for a FREE plan?

No. You don’t need any special promo code to signup for a Predis AI  free membership. All you have to enter your full name, email address and connect your social media accounts to start using the Free plan.

Can I get Predis.AI discount on renewal?

Yes, of course! There are certain deals and Predis.AI coupon code that you can use for a recurring discount. That means that you can signup for a paid membership a discount price and lock that price as long as you subscribe.

Is there a lifetime deal?

Unfortunately, there is no any lifetime deal at a moment. However, the company often release Predis AI promo code  and special deal that you can check for instant discount on your entire order.