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Outlook4Gmail is the premium outlook add-on by Scand. It just sync your Google Gmail contacts, calendars and tasks with outlook express. Whether you have a single or multiple Gmail accounts; this is the perfect tool to monitor all your accounts within a single desk. The best thing; you don’t need any special care here. The app will load; whenever you start your outlook. It will create its own menu toolbox for ease of usage.

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Outlook4Gmail by Scand is the most practical application; when it comes to establish synchronization between outlook and Google account. Once you set it up; the tool will sync your contacts, tasks and calendars automatically at every particular time interval. It uses the most secured connection to transfer your valuable data. No need to open multiple account’s window; when you have this tiny little tool to handle it for you. Whether you want to transfer small chunk of data or large data; the Outlook4Gmail will handle it effectively.

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Is It The Best Way to Sync Google with Outlook?

Based in Minsk, Belarus; the Outlook4Gmail is the signature product of Scand Ltd. It is the custom software development company since 2000 that focuses on multiple technologies and sectors to ease the human lifestyle. There are so many functions that you can’t find anywhere else. The tool works; even if you have a Google account on iOS or Android device. It also handle the scenario of contacts of the same person on your Outlook and Gmail accounts. In that case; the tool will prioritize contact based on the most recent activities.

Important Features of the Outlook4Gmail:

  • Syncs your Google and Outlook contacts at the best possible level such as Email address, name, phone number, data, company, category, contact picture etc.
  • It has built-in language setting, automatic back and duplicate elimination functionalities to smooth your synchronization process.
  • Sync Google calendars from multiple Google accounts with the outlook account. You can import/export your Google and outlook appointments.
  • It supports regular and recurring task syncing. It can sync multiple folders and sub-folders for you.
  • The tool save your time and help you to boost your productivity.

Membership and Pricing

There are two different versions available at Outlook4Gmail – Free and Full. The Free version supports the syncing of contacts between Outlook and Google accounts in one/both directions. However; you can sync contacts of only one account at a time. While the FULL edition comes with all the features including sync of tasks and calendars. The price of a single license is $28.98. It comes with one year of free updates and supports. The cost is $19.98; if you order 2 to 4 licenses. The price is $16.98/license; when you place an order of 5 plus licenses. You can renew your license at up to 25% off without any promo code.

I suggest to use our Outlook4Gmail coupon code on your order of multiple licenses. You can save as much as 50% off here. Furthermore; The Scand offers 15 days money back guarantee; if you are satisfied with their software. So you have nothing to lose here!

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