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Bitcoin is an emerging digital currency, however due to the nature of the product, we are all worried about the possible hacker attack. We need to share our bitcoin address to initiate the transaction, but this is the possible root cause of the attack on your wallet. So isn’t there any solution? well, here you go.

opendime coupon code

Opendime is the world’s first USB, that you can use as a Bitcoin credit stick. Use your Opendime to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. You can pass it as long as you wish. In order to check the balance, you just have to connect to any USB. Do you want to spend online? then Unseal your Opendime.

Opendime is just like a Bitcoin Piggy bank. You must destroy it to spend your funds online. The key part of this USB is the security. No need to trust anybody. Trust your Opendime as long as it is sealed.

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Save 20% OFF (Editor’s Choice)

For a limited time only, you can order a pack of three Opendime sticks for $49.94 only. That’s huge up to 20% discount as compared to retail price.

Bundle Promotion (Up to 35% OFF)

Order a combination of Coldcard, Opendime and Adapter package at unbeatable price. An offer is valid while the supply last. So you must buy it now!

Free Shipping (Ongoing deal)

Purchase hardware wallet, USB stick or any other device and get your entire order at Free Shipping. An offer is valid only when you spend $299 or more.

Opendime – The Bitcoin USB Stick

Opendime is the product of Coinkit – a famous security and hardware company of USA. The mission of Opendime is to utilize the Bitcoin in day-to-day transaction without worrying about the security and safety. It is not going be just another hardware wallet. In fact, it is a physical bitcoin that you can use a cash. It is going to be a boon for the places with the limited infrastructure or having high risk of security.

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Opendime Promos and Discounts

Available coupons: 2

Average discount: 15% off

Last Updated: 2 Days Ago

The Features of Opendime

Before going deep in the product pricing and models, let’s first discuss the available features of the Opendime. Take a look a some stunning features you can think here.

  • Opendime is the read only USB flash drive. You can use it with any laptop, Smartphone or computer.
  • The private key is within the hardware, and it is not known to anybody.
  • You can give your Opendime to anybody as a normal dollar transaction. Once given to anybody, nobody can get the funds back later.
  • It is a physical bitcoin, so you can simple pass it to anybody and they can keep it or even pass it to another people.
  • Transfer your bitcoin to anybody instantly and securely. No miner fees or any delay.
  • It is fully compatible with the fundamental bitcoin features. Based on the Open standards, the Opendime contains bitcoin payment address and private keys in WIF format.

Products and Pricing

Opendime is available to buy from store only. You cannot find it at Amazon or any other promotion. Presently, there are two variation of the Opendime available at Coinkite. The retail price of 3-pack of Opendime is $60 only. But, you can get it on a discount for $49.94 only. No need to use any promo code here. Apart from regular pack, the Opendime 3-pack Orange Limited edition is also available. It cost $59 only. No any software different, just a color change only.

3 Opendime FAQs by Graph Effect

Can I get Opendime discount for a single order?

Unfortunately, Coinkite has a Opendime available on the combo package only. Hence, you cannot buy a single unit here. That's why we don't have any Opendime coupon code for same.

Who can use an Opendime coupon code?

The promo codes and special offers on are available for anybody. However, there are special discount for an existing customer of an Opendime.

What is the Coinkite guarantee or warranty?

Opendime comes with the limited warranty. Due to the nature of the product, there is a limited guarantee for the customers.

Above are some common questions and answers about Opendime discount codes for the readers of

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