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Shop Nuzzie Discount: Get Promo Code for Weighted Blanket

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Are you suffering from sleeping disorder? are you taking too much stress of your work, family or life? Do you face problem in sleeping during night? Don’t want to take harmful pills to fix your sleep disorder? Are you looking for at-home and natural way to get a rid of stress and insomnia? then you are on a perfect page.

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nuzzie discount code logo

During the covid-19 pandemic, I was having serious insomnia issue. I could not sleep properly and due to that my wife also have to awake to support me. One day, me and my wife came to know about the Nuzzie Weighted Blanket. We immediately ordered one. I have been using Shop Nuzzie since last 2 months, and the result is outstanding. It really works.

Top Most Nuzzie Coupons and Offer Codes

Save $100 OFF (Editor’s Choice)

During the sale time, you can purchase the Kids, Queen, Full or King size weighted blanket at up to $100 off the normal price.

BFCM10 (Trending Top)

Copy the promo code to enjoy 10% saving on your all the orders. No any minimum purchase requirement.


You can use this code to get 20% discount on your total spending of $350 or more.

Free Shipping

Nuzzie provides the free shipping and free return on all the orders. It is valid for the US customers only.

Shop Nuzzie: The World’s Best Weighted Blanket Brand

Nuzzie is one of the fastest growing D2C eCommerce company of US. The flagship product Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket was launched in 2018 by Jonathan Leake and Austin Sheppard. After suffering from insomnia and stress problem during the waking hours, they decided to go for the weighted blanket. However, most of the blankets around the market are heated and don’t have even weight support. So Jon and Austin decided to launched their own weighted blanket in 2017.

There are so many benefits of using Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket. It calms panic attacks, soothes anxiety, relieves stress and improves your sleep quality. Moreover, it promotes Melatonin, lowers Cortisol and boosts Serotonin hormones. If you are looking to improve your sleep quality, or want to relieve from stress, then the Nuzzie is the perfect option.

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Stunning Features Of Nuzzie Knit Blankets

There are so many weighted blankets brands available on the market, however Nuzzie has unique design and additional advantages that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Nuzzie is made up from the beadless design and durable fabric. Hence it is machine washable, you can use machine wash and dryer for your weighted blanket.
  • An unique open knit designs make it most breathable weighted blanket on the market. It can regulates temperature and allows fresh air circulation to avoid heating.
  • No more pesky glass beads. The patent pending high density fabric and beadless design gives even weight distribution.
  • No more noisy beads that even leaks around your bed. No more cleaning issue at all.

Nuzzie Weighted Blanket Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available Nuzzie coupons: 2

Average weighted blanket discount: 10% off

Last Updated: a week ago

Products and Pricing

There are four different Nuzzie weighted blankets available for the customers. They are differ by the size you choose. The kids size blanket cost $150 only. It has weight of 8lbs. The Full size blanket comes with weight of 15 lbs. It cost you $225. The Queen size weighted blanket has 20 lbs of weight. It cost you $250 only. Price of the King size blanket is $275 only. It has weight of 25 lbs. All these Nuzzie come in 9 different colors; Misty Grey, Snow White, Red, Green, Blue, Light Pink etc.

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3 Nuzzie FAQs

Which is the best time to get Nuzzie discount?

Like many other brands the Nuzzie coupon codes mostly available during the holiday and festival season. So you can plan to purchase the weighted blanket during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas time. However, they have discount whole year too.

How to apply my Nuzzie coupon code?

First of all, copy the promo code from above section. Next, visit the official website of Nuzzie Weighted Blanket. Add your product into the cart. Now go for checkout page. Enter your coupon and you will see the discount.

What is the Guarantee and Warranty?

Nuzzie provides 30 days Happiest Guarantee for all their customers. You can try their weighted Blanket for 30 days without any risk. Furthermore, they provide 120 days manufacturer warranty which covers any workmanship or manufacturing defects.

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