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Ngrave Zero Discounts: Get Promo Codes for Crypto Wallet

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Are you a cryptocurrency holder? or do you often buy and sell cryptos? Are you always worried about the digital wallet where you store your coins? Do you want some reliable and safe alternative here? Can’t trust traditional hardware wallet which runs through Bluetooth etc? no worries, here you go.

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Ngrave coupons logo

I have been holding Bitcoins since 2016 and one day found that the exchange on which I have BTC got cyber attacked. So I decided to transfer my BTC to cold wallets like Ngrave Zero. The configuration process is very easy. I got my wallet within 5 days with complete instruction. The team over there is very helpful and always ready to answer your queries. Well, for the tech companies like Ngrave Zero, the support is the most important things. Overall, I am happy with them.

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SAVE20 (Latest)

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SAVE Up To €100 OFF (Editor’s Choice)

Purchase the combo package of ZERO and Graphene at the discount price of €498 only, normal price is €598.

Ngrave Zero: The Coolest Air-Gapped Wallet

Ngrave Zero is the leading hardware wallet to store your previous digital coins. It was all started in 2018 by the team of Xavier Hendrickx, Ruben Merre and Edouard Vanham. The Xavier has been in crypto space in early 2013. As a crypto veteran he experienced several hacks and blow entire portfolio. All these bad incident leads him to think about the security. Later, Mr Hendrickx collaborate with Ruben and Edourd to develop the first coolest hardware wallet. The mission of the Ngrave Zero is the completely change the way we think about cryptocurrency. They want to provide safe and secure ecosystem so that even small and medium size investor can think about crypto investment.

The way Ngrave Zero work is totally different than the other hardware wallets. Here you need create your own keys and sign the transaction to complete the payment. That’s why it comes with military grade security, as nobody else can see your transaction. We can say that Ngrave is 100% offline as it never use USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other technology for connections.

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Amazing Features of Ngrave Zero

Ngrave Zero is equipped with Biometric and light sensor which enhance the security. It has fingerprint and QR scanning options. The wallet is EAL7 certified which is highest level in the blockchain industry. It is desinged in such a way that it get minimum effect against physical attacks. The Ngrave has ultra-wide 4inch touchscreen to easily manage all your transactions. The wallet utilize the custom ZERO operating system, hence eliminate the depency of third party mobile OS.

Products and Pricing

There are three different products available at Ngrave; Zero, Graphene and Extra Backup plate. The price of ZERO is €398 only. The cost of Graphene is €159 only. You can purchase the extra lower plate for your Graphene for €28 only. There is a combo package available too. You can purchase the Combo pack for €498 only. It is the best way to get a discount here. You don’t need any Ngrave coupon code for same.

3 FAQs

What is the refund policy?

You are free to cancel your order before it is shipped. Furthermore, Ngrave provides 14 days return policy. You can return your product within 14 days for a refund. You need to pay the shipping cost here. The item must be original, and unused.

Where can I apply Ngrave Zero coupon code?

You need to apply the promo code at checkout time only. Make sure that your product is valid for the particular coupon or not. There are some exclusion and limitation, so you must check it before you place an order with the coupon.

Can I get Ngrave Zero discount on my 2nd order?

Well, it totally depend on the Ngrave Zero coupon code that you are going to apply. Some coupons are valid for the first time order and a new customer only. While there are few deals that can be applied to the 2nd order.

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