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kGoal is the smart Kegel training system by Minna Life. Why should boy’s have all the fun! If men can have a fitness devices; why not women? If you are struggling to find proper exercises to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor; then here is the smart device for you. The Minna Life come up with an interactive kegel trainer for pelvic exercise. It helps to improve your bladder control and overall pelvic health.

kGoal Minna Life Coupon code

Do you think that you need to improve your bladder control when laughing, running, coughing or sneezing? then you must try kGoal – an interactive Kegel trainer. The entire system includes a medical grade device and smart application to measure, guide and track your pelvic floor exercise. The pelvic flood plays a crucial role in sexual satisfaction to bladder control. That’s why healthy pelvic is the key to your overall wellness. Whenever you need the pelvic floor or Kegel trainer; the kGoal will provide the best our of your exercises.

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Is Minna Life The Best Kegel Exerciser?

Developed by Minna Life; the kGoal is the smart new Kegel trainer. It was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Thomas with the mission bring technology and innovation on pelvic health and women wellness. They utilize latest electronic technology and elegant design to handle real world women’s pelvic health problems.

How to use Minna life pelvic floor trainer?

  1. Keep the device in your hand and compress the Squeeze pillow.
  2. While compressing the Squeeze pillow, press the Comfort vent through your finger tip to let air out of the device.
  3. Now add lubes on the device, relax your pelvic floor muscles and put the Squeeze pillow into your body (vagina).
  4. While keeping that position; press the Comfort Vent to reset the air pressure of Squeeze pillow.
  5. Now device is custom fit for your body. Turn on device by pressing the button.
  6. Squeeze your pelvic muscles to interact with the device and receive the feedback about your exercises.

Important Features of the kGoal:

  • It is easy to use, lightweight and portable device.
  • It is medical grade device that is 100% safe to use. Made up from body safe Class VI, phthalate-free  silicone.
  • Gives you real time feedback on your pelvic floor exercises. Track your improvement and exercise history.
  • Guides you with the popular exercise programs.

Products and Pricing

Minna Life carries two Kegel exercise device; kGoal and kGoal Boost. It comes with a rechargeable device, Eco-friendly USB rechargeable battery, fast wall charger and USB cord. The battery life is min 2 hours. The price of a device is $149 only. However; the Boost cost $99 only. You can order additional spare parts and care accessories at affordable price.

Find a working kGoal coupon code is tough task. That’s why I created this page to help you find the ongoing Minna life promo code and deals. There is one year manufacturing warranty for all the order through an official website. Furthermore; they provide free and discreet shipping for all the orders.

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