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LunchEAZE is world’s first fully automatic, wireless and self-heated lunchbox. It makes your lunch healthy and hot quickly. It is cordless device, so you can bring it anywhere you go. All you need to set your meal time and box will heat it up automatically. No need to comprise with your lunch by eating frozen or unhygienic food. Now you can eat fresh and hot home meal at your own time.

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Are you fed up of eating restaurant or truck food? Don’t want to stand in a long queue of microwave? look no further and try a LunchEAZE – a rechargeable, self programmable and an automatic lunch box. It is designed in such a way that you can heat up any meal including frozen foods too. The USP of this product is portability and cordless design. Hence; you can carry it anywhere just like your Smartphone or Laptop. LunchEAZE is totally seal pack system that follows the gentle heating cycle. It heats your food without losing it’s flavor and moisture.

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My Review: Is It Safe Lunch Box?

Based in Fremont, CA; the LunchEAZE is the product of ReliantEMS Corp – a ISO certified, 10 year old company that specializes in manufacturing, industrial innovations and custom design. The biggest challenge with any hot meal lunchboxes are the portability and power. Most of boxes are bulky and comes with power cord. Unfortunately; not all have facility to plugin the lunch box in work area. The solution is Lunch Eaze – a cordless and fully automatic, smart box. It comes with powerful battery to heat your food. Moreover; you can program the box to start the heating process automatically. Hence; you can save huge amount of time and hurdle that you are facing everyday.

How To Use Your LunchEAZE?

There isn’t any rocket science here. All you need just a minute to configure this device.

  1. Pack your frozen or cold food into removal stainless steel container. Latch a container into Lunch EAZE.
  2. Set your mealtime and it will automatically start heating process in advance.
  3. No need remember anything or plugin anything. Your fresh and hot meal will be ready to eat no matter where you are.

Why Does LunchEAZE Stand Out in Crowd?

If you are planning to order but still confused; then you should take a look at below awesome features:

  • Cordless and portable design making it convenient to carry your lunch box any where.
  • This programmable device heats up automatically. It makes food ready whenever you want and let you eat at your own pace.
  • Save money and time by letting you eat healthy meals from home. No need to eat fast food or microwaves meal.
  • It is BPA and Lead free that you can wash with dishwasher.
  • Comes with removable food grade stainless steel containers to support any meal.
  • Utilizes gentle and slow heating cycle to keep texture of your food as it is.

Product and Pricing

LunchEAZE comes with six different color combinations and one year standard warranty. It cost you $149.95 only. The box contains; free carrying bag, base, lid, 850ml food container, a charger and a battery. They provide $5 flat rate shipping on everything withing continental USA only. The express and next day shipping is also available at additional cost. There are three bundle packages available for a customer; an Everyday, Meal Prep package and a Dual pack. The price of these packs are $162.95, $179.95 and $299.95 respectively.

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