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Lumonitor Coupon: Get Discount Code for 4K Monitor

Grapheffect is happy to announce latest Lumonitor coupon codes for all our readers. Enjoy whopping 50% discount on your order here.

Do you want a portable monitor with ultra-low width and superior screen? Do you want to experience ultra HD screen for your day today work? Are you looking for monitor that can by connected with anything? no worries, here is the solution.

get lumonitor coupon code here

Lumonitor is the lightweight, portable and touchscreen monitor with built in battery. It has ability to turn any devices into powerful 4K portable workstation. How many gadgets do you use everyday? How many adapters, chargers, and dongles do we need? It’s time to get a rid of wires and bulky gadgets now.

Fortunately, Lumonitor has power to unplugged you from your dedicated desk and bags. Now you can work from anywhere around the world without affecting your productivity. You don’t have to connect it with an outlet or any other device, since it has built in battery that last long.

Whether you want to play a game, design a graphics, write a code or take photographs; Lumonitor has got you covered.

Let’s get your last touchscreen device with the Lumonitor discount coupons as listed below.

Top Most Lumonitor Coupons and Offer Codes

GETSPOOL (Exclusive Offer)

It is an evergreen promotion that never expire. Please redeem this code buy your first 4K touchscreen at 5% discount price. Furthermore, you can enjoy free shipping within United States. It is exclusively available for Grapheffect users only.

BFCMSALE (Limited Edition Sale)

Head up and redeem this promo code to get additional 10% off for item on a sale. It is valid for the current week only.

Black Friday Sale ($495 OFF)

During these Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can enjoy whopping 50% off on Lumonitor. Choose 4K screen for $495 only, normally $899.

Lumonitor – The First All-in-One 4K Touchscreen

Lumonitor was designed and developed by engineers and entrepreneurs around the world. The market research and design concept was started in 2018, and shipping was started in October 2020.With the ultra HD 4K screen, you will have incredible clarity and depth. The brilliance of 4K screen clarity will think you to make it your main screen. The 4K experience has same depth as 3D, so you won’t need even glasses. Lumonitor utilizes pin-point touchscreen – a latest technology for better precision. The PinPoint touch let you use stylus, and your fingertip as well.

Don’t worry, if price is the concern. You can always try coupons and discount given at Graph Effect page.

With less than 6mm width, and 1.3 lbs weight; the Lumonitor is the lightest, and slimmest portable monitor. In fact, it is slimmer than your iPod, iPad and Macbook Pro. Do you want to transform your smartphone into a big screen? Do you want to turns your Smartphone into a laptop with a keyword? this is probably the best solution.

Available Lumonitor Promos and Discounts

Available coupon code: 2+

Average discount value: 10% off

Last Updated: Today only

Why Choose Lumonitor?

Lumonitor is the plug and play device, so you can ready to use it anywhere or anytime you wish. No any setup, apps or software needed. Just plug-in your device and Lumonitor will start showing the screen as long as you are connected.

  • It works with almost everything including xBox, PlayStation, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, iPad, Windows, Tablet, Linux and iOs.
  • It has universal compatibility to share and collaborate your work with your teammates.
  • The monitor is fully customizable for your effective usage.
  • Fast response time of up to 10ms. It has in built anti-blue light, anti-glare and flicker-free mechanism.
  • Hi-Fi stereo speakers for superior audio that the whole room can hear.

Products and Pricing

Lumonitor is still under manufacturing process and distribution may be started in November. As of now you can Pre-order this portable monitor. It is available to buy in two resolution options; 4K and 1080P. Price of 4K screen is $899, while the cost of 1080P screen is $799 only. However, with the Black friday promo code, you can enjoy upto 50% discount here.  Lumonitor comes with some paid accessories like Foldable Magnetic Stand, Wireless Hub, Premium Ergonomic Aluminum Stand and USB-C Hub multiport adapter. It cost $50, $35, $50 and $40 respectively.

3 FAQs by GraphEffect Experts

Can I use Lumonitor coupon code on Pre-order?

Yes, of course. You can use our promo code at the time of pre-ordering your Lumonitor. However, it is valid at official website only.

How much Lumonitor discount can I see in my cart?

Grapheffect has exclusive Lumonitor coupon code for 5% off the entire order. You can get even more discount during festival sale and promotion.

What is refund and shipping policy of Lumonitor?

The refund or return is not available for Pre-order items. However, they provide 30 days time span for checking your order. Lumonitor ships once the manufacturing for particular batch gets completed.

Above are some common questions and answers for Lumonitor discount codes, hope you like our work and review.

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