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KMS Hayloft is the online retailer of pellets and hays for your lovely pets. In fact; most of big brands and big local stores sell old and unhygienic hays. We know you treat your pets as your family member, so why not to treat your pets with the carefully selected hays and pellets? Yes, now you don’t have to compromise with your pets food. You can find the best quality and fresh products at KMS.

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Unlike many other genetic pet foods retailer; the KMS Hayloft is specialist in selling the hays, grass and pellets for guinea pigs. If you or your guinea pigs are allergic to Timothy but still want to feed them best food; then this is the hay! It does not contain any chemicals or pesticides. In fact they are expert nutritionists about rabbit and pigs; so they know what they are doing. The KMS Hayloft believes in product quality; hence always try to bring pure and natural hays to you.

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Up to 20% OFF – For a limited time only; you can order your pet’s favorite hays at up to 20% off from the sale. Please visit the main page and locate the sale section for more information.

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Is It The Safe Retailer of Pet Foods?

Based in Reardan, Washington; the KMS Hayloft is the oldest supplier of rabbit and pigs food. It was started in 2002 by Linda Lee with the mission to bring highest quality hays and pellets at lowest price than big stores and giant online brands. Saving your money is their top most priority; hence they never spend huge on advertising, marketing promotion and fancy packaging. They believe to pass those saving to you; so you can see their hays are available at affordable price. If your pets don’t eat hay; then you should give them this cutting. Finding pure pellet and hays are difficult; as it depends on environment, delivery and brand you are dealing. Find why should you choose KMS Hayloft over others:

  • They carefully check each and every order before delivery, so you always get fresh foods for your pets.
  • All their hays and pellets are sourced locally from the farmers of USA.
  • They sell hand-selected and small batch pellets and hays.
  • Hay is leafy, wide and no stem. It is younger, moist, soft, pliable and contains more nutrition.
  • They carefully cut the hays; so that rabbits, guinea pigs, chins and degus love it.

Products and Pricing

KMS Hayloft sells wide range of pet foods including hay, pellets, record book and many more. The top selling products are 3rd cut Timothy hay, 2nd cut Timothy hay, Bluegrass, Oat hay, complete pellets and Timothy choice pellets. It cost $19.95, $19.95, $19.95, $19.95, $12.95 and $13.95 respectively. Apart from all these; they also features Lavender bundles, Essential oil, Repellent spray safe for pets and Paw SOS. The price is as low as $11.99 only. There is 30 days refund policy; if you are not happy with their pet products.

There is no any KMS Hayloft coupon code available in public domain. However; there are still so many ways to save huge without any promo code. Think to buy from sale and combine your rewards points. Yes, they rewards for every order.

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