home workout tips

Home Workout Mistakes

home workout tips

Are you exercising regularly without seeing notable improvements? If so, you are probably doing it wrong.

Here are some common home workout mistakes that you need to avoid.

Sticking to the Same Routine

This is, by far, the most common home workout mistake. The primary disadvantage of doing the same exercises daily is that you target one muscle group, meaning you will not see improvements on one body part. Additionally, it makes your training program dull.

Lack of Resting

Some people think that working out without resting produces fast results – this is not true. Conversely, intense exercise without taking a day off can harm you.

Studies indicate that a lack of rest increases the risk of injury and causes hypoglycemia, nausea, chest distress and pain, and social-occupational dysfunction. Even worse, it weakens your immune system. For optimal results, try to remain active daily but take a day’s rest when you do strenuous exercises.

Lifting Too Heavy

The problem with lifting weights that are too heavy is that you cannot exercise properly. Ideally, it would help if you started with lighter weights to warm up your muscles before gradually progressing to the heavier ones.

Always ensure that you lift weights correctly. If you do not, you risk getting injured, and you will not get positive results.

Use weights that allow you to complete at least four sets of six to twelve repetitions to improve strength and build mass.  If your objective is to increase endurance, use lighter weights. As you become stronger, add more weight but ensure you lift them properly.

Neglecting Cardiovascular Exercise

Another common mistake made by most people is neglecting cardiovascular exercise. Adding aerobic exercises to your training routine helps in burning fat and muscle building.

The ideal target is doing at least 30 minutes of cardio workouts. Some of the activities you can do to achieve this goal include walking, jogging, stair climbing, rowing, and cycling.

Lack of Sleep

If you want to get a lean physique, you need to get enough sleep. Research shows that insufficient slumber alters your hormonal balance, which can increase your appetite and make you gain weight.  The fatigue associated with too little sleep can also make training more challenging.

Experts recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep to optimize the effects of training, reduce mental fatigue, and lower the risk of disease.

Drinking Too Little Water

Drinking too little water makes you weak and unable to exercise correctly. If you aim to lose weight, you cannot achieve that goal without drinking enough water.

The recommended daily intake is 16 cups. This can vary depending on the amount of sweat you break, body size, muscle to fat ratio, and metabolism.

When you drink enough water, your urine should be clear or light yellow. Avoid sugary stuff like soda and caffeinated beverages.


Whatever you do, ensure that you have a plan. Not setting goals increases the chances of leaving your training program halfway. A plan also ensures that you push yourself.

Originally posted 2020-10-23 11:13:30.