happy scribe student discount code

Happy Scribe Coupon: Get Discount Code for Subtitle Tool

Team of Grapheffect is presenting latest Happy Scribe coupon codes to you. Enjoy awesome discount on Happy Scribe plans now!

Most of you agree with me that 21st century is the era of automation. Today, automation is everywhere, no matter what industry you belong. If you are an online marketer and looking for some cool transcription tool; then we have good news.

happy scribe student discount code

Happy Scribe is the most reliable automatic transcription software to generate subtitles and transcription in more than 119 languages. The software helps to turn any audio or video file into the text document. So you don’t have to spend hours of time in listening your audio/video to convert it into text. You can do it by taking your morning tea or evening coffee. The entire process may hardly take few seconds only.

Whether you are an agency, a brand or a freelancer; the Happy Scribe is available for everybody. Online freelancing platforms (i.e Fiverr, Upwork) are full of such transcription job. You can use HappyScribe and get client’s job done in mare few minutes. Alternatively, you can use this platform for your personal use as well.

Happy Scribe is a cost-effective tool that anybody afford it, however you can try Happy Scribe discount coupons listed below by GraphEffect team.

Top Most Happy Scribe Coupons and Offer Codes

Enjoy 20% OFF On Happy Scribe (Best Value)

Do you do transcription everyday? why not get credits for longer hours. Enjoy whopping 20% off when you buy credits for 50 hours or more.

25% Student Discount (Ongoing!)

HappyScribe offers whopping 25% discount to student for your transcription work. Login to your account, proceed for hours of transcription you need. Last, fill up student discount form with your student ID to get 25% refund back to your bank account. Make sure to signup with .edu Id to avoid any future issue.

Free 30 Mins Transcription (Most Popular)

Signup with your regular email address and full name. You will get free 30 minutes of transcription to test the platform. It is valid once per user per account.

Save Flat 9% OFF

More is always better! Order 25 or more hours to save 9% off.

Happy Scribe – An Automatic Transcription Generator

Happy Scribe is a SaaS platform to converts audio and video into text files using the transcription software. It was founded in 2017 by André Bastié and his team spread across United States, France and Spain. The mission of Andre is to build to top class tool for subtitling and transcription to make your life as easy as possible.

Do you want to save time, save money and do more? then Happy Scribe is the best solution. It is the only transcription software that can subtitle in hundreds of languages like French, English, Dutch, Spanish etc. Whether you are a journalist, marketer, student, podcaster, or a transcrptionist; the HappyScribe has got you covered. It is easy to operate and fully secured software that is compliant to GDPR. Please make sure to claim our Happy Scribe discount code if you can’t spend full price.

Why To Choose Happy Scribe?

No need to do the job that you can easily offload. Happy Scribe is the best solution to automate your workflow.

  • Automatic Transcription; It utilizes advanced speech to text technology to generate accurate transcription for you.
  • Subtitle Generator lets you generate subtitles in the way you want.
  • Advanced Punctuation to includes commas, full stop and exclamation marks wherever needed.
  • It is very fast and accurate software.
  • It automatically add a new paragraph when speaker changes.
  • Software let you edit the automated text as per your convenience.
  • You can share your transcription, adjust timecodes and frames as you wish.

Plans and Pricing

Happy Scribe pricing policy is very simple and straight. It adopts the Pay-as-you-go plan for pay what you use. You can order one hour of transcription for €12 only. If you want to buy credit for 25 hours, then the price drop to €11/hour. Do you want even more credits? Get credit of 50 or more hours at the cost of €9.6/hour only. That’s why, Grapheffect suggest to order higher value credits to get huge discount. You don’t need any promo code.

There is no any hidden fees. You just pay for the length of audio or video file you used. Furthermore, there is no any expiry of your credits.

3 FAQs by GraphEffect Experts

What are available Happy Scribe coupon codes?

Grapheffect founds some secret and hidden Happy Scribe coupon codes for you. It ranges from free credits to discount promotion. We have 4+ active offers here.

Is there any Happy Scribe discount for a student?

Yes, of course! Happy Scribe provides 25% discount to student regardless of plan or credits you choose.

Is there any free trial?

Yes! Happy Scribe provides free trial to test their basic functionalities. All you have to signup with your email address and full name to claim free access.

Above are some common questions and answers about the Happy Scribe coupon codes. If you still have any query, please reach out to Grapheffect team now.

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