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GetKeyto is the leading health and supplement store in US. It is the health and lifestyle program that helps you to sleep better and lose your weight. If you are on a keto diet; then this is the perfect place. Everybody know the ketogenic diet is the doctor’s approved way to lose your weight. But the entire process is complicated. Do we really know that we are ketosis or not? This is where this device comes into the picture.

getkeyto breath sensor coupon code

GetKeyto is a combination of app and device to find amount of acetone in your breath. The breath sensor gives you instant and accurate data about your diet. This is how it reveal, if you are ketosis or not. Are you worrying to sustain ketosis to lose weight; here is the perfect solution. Try a keto sensor and get every details about your body in just a single breath. Eat your favorite food during your dieting and use the Keyto diet tracker to measure your body’s keto state in simple and effective way.

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Is The Worth To Try Keto Breath Sensor?

Headquartered in San Francisco, California; Keyto is the wellness and fitness brand. It was started in 2017 by the team of weight loss experts and health protectionist including Dr Ray Wu, Gareth Everard, Dr Ethan Weiss and Liane Nakamura. Backed by Science, the Keyto is a easy to use yet powerful breath sensor to track your keto diet. It is designed after the years of research and scientific experiments to help you meet your health goals.

The keto tracker simplifies an entire process of measuring your ketosis in few simple steps. All you need a device and Smartphone with their premium app.

  1. Eat your favorite foods like bacon, almonds and cheese.
  2. Breathe into the device for few seconds. It will measures amount of ketones in your breath.
  3. Wait for few seconds! Get your ketosis score in real time through powerful mobile application.

Some important features of the GetKeyto:

  • No need to use pee strips or painful finger pricking.
  • It is clinically proven breath sensor.
  • Get instant, reliable and 100% accurate details on your keto diet. The tracker is easy, portable, and intuitive.
  • Track your ketosis and provide you personalized recipes, meal plans and tips in real time.

Products and Pricing

There are two options available for the customers of the GetKeyto – Device and Premium membership. You can order a breath sensor for $99 only. It comes with a free 30 days trial of premium subscription. The most popular option is to order Keyto Premium. The price is $195 only. It includes a breath sensor, 1 year premium app access, personalized meal plans, recipes and MD-approved food guide. The premium comes with a Free food box value over $80. There is a free shipping for every order. They sometime provide free complementary keto shake any purchase.

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