Flixel Coupon: Find Cinemagraph Pro Discount Code

Flixel is offering Cinemagraph Pro and other products at discount price. All you need to supply a coupon code redeem whopping up to 50% off.

Flixel is the developer and publisher of world’s best creative tool called as Cinemagraph Pro. With the help of Cinemagraph Pro; you can make and share cinemagraphs on social media platforms, email, digital displays and across the internet. They are an innovative tech company that features wide range of software and web services to accelerate your marketing process. I suggest to visit an official website to find more details such as customer testimonials, case studies and press note.

flixel cinemagraph pro discount code

Flixel is the brand behind award winning Cinemagraph software. It is an ultimate solution to create stunning moving photographs to drive more business. Regardless of your business type; product is available for every sectors such as FMCG, IT, Fashion, Real Estate and more. No any special skill or technical knowledge required to create professional quality moving photos. Making your cinemagraphs is fun, fast and easy now with the software.

Top rated Flixel Coupons and Codes

BHAVIN10 (Hot and Ongoing!) – It is an exclusive code that you can’t find anywhere else. Use it to get 10% discount on your entire order.

Save 50% Off – Who doesn’t like saving? Flixel.com rewards you for your loyalty. Yes! Purchase a yearly plan and save whopping 50% off monthly price. Your discount applies automatically at payment page. However you are free to stack above coupon.

10BEN – It is an another voucher code that too gives 10% discount for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. You cannot redeem it for your previous purchase.

Free Trial – Download Cinemagraph Pro for FREE for iOS and MacOs. Try out all the premium features for free for up to 14 days. No any commitment or strings attached here, cancel it anytime.

Institute and Non-Profit Organization Deal – Like many other tech brands, Flixel too loves teachers, students and non-profit organizations. If belong to either of those; then you are able to get a 50% discount on select products. Visit this page to find out list of available products.

Important Features of Cinemagraph Pro:

Flixel is the Torronto, Canada based tech startup that features award winning solution for visual storytelling. Their studio satellite office is located in Manhattan, New York. It was started in 2011 by providing software tools that helps videographers, photographers, producer, designer and marketer to tell their story by mean of moving photos known as Cinemagraphs. Flixel got numerous awards such as Apple Design Award, Best of the app store 2014, Digital Company 2014 and Startupfest.

Cinemagraph Pro is available for iOS and Mac users only. Apart from Cinemagraph Pro, Flixel.com offers few other products too such as Persecond, Screensaver, Flixel TV, and Stockphoto market. If you are storyteller who want to boost their business; then this is the must-have tool for you. Do you want to host your cinemagraph; then try their hosting solution.

Plans and Pricing

The Flixel basically offers three packages such as Mobile, Professional and Business. Three packages cover their all four products. You can purchase it from official online store or in-app App Store. Mobile Package (Cinemagraph Pro for iOS) is available at $14.99/m or $99.99/year only. Professional package (Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS) is available to buy for $29/m or $199.99/year. Business package includes Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, iOS, Persecond for macOS, HD Cinemagraph Hosting and expert support. You can get business package for $49.99 per month or $299.99 per year. If you buy an annual package; then you can save whopping 50% off normal price. On a positive note you don’t need to use any promo codes here.

Now; Let’s learn how to apply a Flixel coupon code at an online web-store. If you find a coupon or have a special promotion then you need to enter it during checkout page. At checkout window you will find an option to pay by PayPal or card or add a coupon. Go ahead and simply select last option for coupon to paste our exclusive voucher code. Please keep in mind that; you cannot stack your coupon with any other special promotion.

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