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Elite Trader Funding Discounts: Get Promo Code for Evaluation Plans

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Are you a funded trader or want to get funds for your trading activity? Do you want to play with a huge equity while trade? Don’t have enough money to trade on Forex and other market? Are you looking for safe and reliable way to trade online without risk of losing your money? no worries, here you go.

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elite trader funding coupon code logo

I have been trading in Forex market for last 3 years, however, I have limited equity, so I cannot afford risk. After making research, I found about the Elite Trader Funding, a program where they fund the skilled trader. It seems a legit and safe program after my due diligence. I immediately join the program with medium range plan. The team over their is friendly and supportive. They send login details within 24 hours with all the rules and instruction. Overall, I am happy with the Elite Trader Funding.

Top Most Elite Trader Funding Coupons and Offer Codes

ETF4EVER (Limited Time Only)

Claim whopping 65% discount on all the evaluation plans when you apply this code. Plus get extra rewards with this code.

WELCOME50 (Ongoing Deal)

Purchase Elite accounts without evaluation at 50% discount price, or you can choose other Evaluation plan at 25% off the normal price.

FATTYTRADES (Editor’s Choice)

For a limited time only, enjoy up to 35% off on every month. Yes it is valid for monthly Evaluation plans.

23QT1U or EOD35

It’s time to become a funded trader without spending much. Copy our promo codes and apply at checkout page of EliteTraderFunding.com

LABORDAY (Seasonal Only)

During the Labor Day week, you can purchase 1st Step, End of Day and Static Evals at 75% off the 1st month and 60% recurring discount.

Elite Trader Funding: The New Way To Become A Funded Trader

Elite Trader Funding is the UK based financial institution that makes it easy for trader to trade and make money online. Are you always dreaming to trade while large equity? well, your dream come true with the help of the Elite Trader Funding, as you can trade with as much as $200K and most importantly get 100% of your profit for first month. Imagine, you make just 5% profit during the month, then you will ended up making $10000 profit during that month. Isn’t it a great addition to your monthly income? It might be even higher than the earnings of your full time job. That’s the power of the prop trading firm.

There are so many prop trading firm available, however we need to checkout the rules and other things while choosing. After carefully reading all the rules, we can recommend you to try Elite Trader Funding. Firstly, they have minimum rules and more opportunity for even a beginner. Secondly, they don’t alter you to trade, you can trade when you want. Thirdly, they are 100% transparent and legit firm.

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Elite Trader Funding Promos and Discounts (Summary)

List of Elite Trader Funding coupon codes; 5

Approx discount value: 35% off

Last Use: Today

Services and Pricing

There are four different evaluation plans available at the Elite Trader Funding. The 1st Step Evaluations is best suitable for a trader who trade often. Here you can choose from $10K, $25K, $50K, $75K, $100K, $150K, $250K and $300K plans. It cost $80, $145, $165, $185, $205, $295, $515 and $655 respectively. End of Day Drawdown Evaluations have daily loss limit and daily trailing drawdown. Funded accounts also have end of day drawdown. You can choose from $25K Eval to $150 Eval. It costs $150 to as much as $340. Fast Track Evaluations for all those who are confident about their skills and want to hit profit quickly. Here you can choose, 25K Mini Track, $100K Eval and $250K Eval. It cost $45, $75, and $150 respectively. 100K Static Eval is the Static DrawnDown Evaluations which cost $135 per month only.

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3 FAQs

Can I get a refund?

Due to the type of the digital service, the Elite Trader Funding don’t allow refund once you purchase any Evaluation plan. However, upon successfully completing the plan, you get your money back. Furthermore, you can ask to reset you plan if you fail the profit target within given time.

Do you have Elite Trader Funding coupon code for returning buyer?

Well, we have promo code for both new and existing customer of the Elite Trader Funding. However, the coupon is valid for your new purchase only. You cannot apply the voucher code for your renewal.

How to get Elite Trader Funding discount by referring friend?

Do you have a friend who want to try the prop trading? You can share your unique link containing Elite Trader Funding coupon code and earn free rewards when your friend make first purchase. It is valid for the first time customer referred by you only.

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