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EIN Presswire Discounts: Get Promo Code for PR Distribution

We are happy to share the EIN Presswire coupon code here. If you are going to purchase the PR from the EIN Presswire, then consider using our promo code and get instant discount.

Are you a small agency owner, individual, eCommerce owner or a business? Do you want to promote your business or yourself to some high authority news and media houses? Don’t have enough time or contact of the journalist to promote your service? Are you looking for the quickest way to post on your desired website? no worries, here you.

Now you can order your PR service with our EIN Presswire discount code. Wait! Please scroll the page down and find the best promo code here only.

ein presswire coupon logo

Being a blogger and online marketer, I often need the Press release service. In fact, there are so many PR agencies out there, but after making research I found that EIN Presswire is genuine and safe to go. I contacted with the staff over there and got a reliable answer. The payment system is neat and clean. I got immediate confirmation about my order. They deliver the PR well before the deadline. Overall, I am happy with the EIN Presswire.

Top Most EIN Presswire Coupons and Offer Codes

EDRM22 or TRAVEL4 (Editor’s Choice)

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B5G2 FREE (Ongoing Deal)

Purchase 5 Press release package and you will get 2 PR for FREE. Your cart will be added 2 bonus PR automatically.

BidenHarris46 or KISSES

Please try few more promo codes as listed here. Not sure if it is still working or not.

EIN Presswire: The Best PR Distribution Service

Based in United States, the EIN Presswire is world’s one of the most popular PR agency. Whether you want heavy visibility in search engine, or want to publish a single post to any particular website; they have got you covered. It was all started a decade ago, when the team of journalists and entrepreneurs decided to create platform where anybody can access the world’s most popular website for publicity purpose.

During those early days, it was very difficult to get featured in sites like Yahoo, NBC, Fox etc. But thanks to the EIN Presswire, now anybody can promote their brand or service to most popular platform. No need to work with journalist or a site admin directly. From writing to the PR distributing; everything will be handled by the staff of the EIN Presswire. All you have to promote some details about your organization and they will prepare news worthy and eye-catching PR that everybody likes to cover. Most importantly, they will send the content for a review. So you have full control on what to publish and what’s not.

Are you here after looking for the EIN Presswire promo code? Do you want a discount on your PR? then browse above section and find ongoing coupons.

EIN Presswire Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 4

Approx discount: 20% off

Last Use: 2 days ago

Services and Pricing

EIN Presswire provides wide range of distribution services which you can browse by industry, country and many other parameters. You can also approach them for major news sites, media database and international sites coverage. You can choose from three different packages; Basic, Pro+ and Corporate. It cost $99.99, $399 and $999 respectively. You can send your Press Release within one year once order. The Basic allow a single PR, Pro+ supports the 5 releases, whereas Corporate allows 25 PRs. The major difference between all three plans; word limit, number of images and videos per PR. In order to get a discount, we suggest to order the Press release in a bulk. You don’t even need any EIN Presswire coupons.

3 FAQs

Do you have any EIN Presswire discount for repeated buyers?

Yes, of course! There are so many deals and EIN Presswire coupon code available for both existing and a new customer. If you are planning to order frequently, then we suggest to please check the higher value package. Here you get discount automatically even without any coupons.

Can I get EIN Presswire coupon code for a custom order?

Most of the promo codes are available for the default packages only. You cannot apply the coupon for your custom PR package. However, we suggest to consult with EIN Presswire if they allow a discount.

Can I choose the sites to be distributed?

No! Unfortunately, you cannot choose your website. EIN Presswire distribute your Press release all their partnered publications and it will depend on the sites and journalists to accept or reject your PR. However, they provide guaranteed coverage to some site, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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