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I am a developer and a blogger. Lately, I got many requests from the clients to host their web applications or websites on cloud platform. Unfortunately, most of the cloud providers are generic and not suitable for special business. Fortunately, I came to know about CloudSigma and decided to give am try. After a successful free trial, I upgrade to the paid CloudSigma membership. Now, both me and my clients are happy with the result.

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Save Up to 50% OFF

Choose the Pay As you Use plan and get up to 50% discount as compared to the traditional plan.

New User Discount

Now you can purchase your cloud server starting from $4.99 per month only. It includes lots of free bonuses too.

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CloudSigma: The Best Cloud Hosting and Servers Provider

Based in Switzerland, CloudSigma is the leading cloud-as-a-service provider in Europe and America. It was started a decade ago by Robert Jenkins and Patrick Baillie with the mission to the change the way world host website. Today, the CloudSigma is the ISO certified public cloud company with fifteen cloud locations across the Europe, Middle East, US and APAC. There are so many advantages of using cloud hosting over the normal servers. You have complete control and full flexibility to your plan. You can run any operating system (i.e Linux, Windows etc) without any medication. Last but not least, you can create your environment with full flexible server size, and incredible performance.

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Why Do I Choose Cloud Sigma Over Others?

CloudSigma is one of those cloud company that provides three different cloud services.

The Infrastructure-as-a-server: With the help of IaaS the user can deploy their resources without any restrictions. So you get highly customizable solution with powerful performance here.

Platform-as-a-Service: It’s time to reduce your IT infrastructure management cost by using the next generation cloud platform.

The Cloud Sigma provides you out of the box solution for Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, Php and many other programming languages. Cloud-As-a-Service: The CaaS allows any company to utilize fully managed cloud platform with ability to use private or public cloud on Vmware and KVM.

CloudSigma Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available CloudSigma promo code: 2

Average discount: 10% off

Last Used: Today

Plans and Pricing

There are two different pricing models available by the CloudSigma for their users. The Pay As You Use pricing allow to pay for the real usage. You need to pay for the amount of resources you are using. The Regular Pricing is to purchase the different cloud servers.

There are several regular plans available for Cloud Sigma users. The Small2, Small3, Medium1, Medium3, Large1, Large2, Large3 and XLarge. It cost you 10CHF, 13CHF, 22CHF, 69CHF, 147CHF, 269CHF, 390CHF and 512CHF respectively. You can always use our CloudSigma discount coupons here. Make sure to check above coupon code section for same.

3 CloudSigma FAQs

Can I get CloudSigma discount on renewal order?

No, you cannot use the CloudSigma coupon code on your renewal order. Most of the coupons are available for the new orders only. So make sure to purchase the bigger plan for huge discount.

What is the criteria to use CloudSigma coupon code?

There are several restrictions to use the promo codes. Some coupons are valid for a new users, and first order only. Some coupons need to spend certain amount at Please check above section for more details.

How does free trial work?

Cloud Sigma allows free trial for their certain plans only. You can signup with your email address to start using their functionalities for FREE.

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