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Cellercise is unique and much effective form of exercise to keep you healthier. Just 10 minutes per day to live happy and healthy life. Your workout and exercises won’t be boring anymore! Play with this award-winning at-home device to address wide range of health problems such as weight loss, back pain, muscle building and many more. Whether you want it for seniors, children, youngsters or a health practitioners; the MrRebounder has got you covered.

cellercise rebounder coupon code

Cellercise is not just another typical rebounder or a mini trampoline; unlike it is new, foldable and at home exercise device. No need to pay heavy gym fees! Get the lifetime health benefits with just one time investment. In today’s modern life we all run for money; but forget about our health. Even if we prioritize our health; we don’t have time to spent on it. Fortunately; the Cellercise is a science-backed device that helps to keep you healthy by using it for just few minutes a day.

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Is It Worth To Try Rebounder for Exercise?

Based in Manti, Utah; the Cellercise is the modern fitness tool for anybody who want to fit healthy without spending much time. It was developed by Dave Hall – a famous trainer and researcher. His life changing exercises combines the safety, performance and durability to achieve fitness and health benefits. Today the device is the number #1 choice of doctors, fitness trainer, coaches and celebrities worldwide. The traditional rebounders use nylon, canvas or plastic mats that can cause the pronate. While Cellerciser® is made up from space-aged mat in USA that won’t stretch. The mat moves with action of the spring without causing damage to your ankle or pronate.

Important Features of The Cellercise:

  • It is 100% safe, portable and doctor’s approved device.
  • It uses the patented TriDaptable® spring that supports your movement and lift. This self-adjusting spring adjust to the weight and height of the person jumping on it.
  • All frame steel construction, no bungee cords or plastic at all! The plastic material is prone to break when used for mini trampolines.
  • The home model folds in half and the professional model folds into thirds for easy storage. It can easily fits into a carrying case with built-in dolly and pull out handle.

Products and Pricing

There are four different models of Cellerciser® available; Bi-Fold Rebounder, Bi-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar, Tri-Fold Pro Rebounder with Balance Bar and a Tri-Fold Pro Plus with Dave Group Coaching. It cost $364.99, $424.99, $564 and $999 respectively. It is the sale price; so the actual cost is way high. You can try our promo code to receive additional $25 off here. Furthermore; you can order workout DVD and extra spare parts as low as $9.99 only.

The Cellerciser coupon code is exclusively available for our readers. The staff will always be with you even after a sale. They provide 5 years limited warranty and 30 days full money back guarantee; if you are not happy.

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