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Are you experiencing heavy bleeding during period? Are you fed up of using napkins and wipes? Do you want eco-friendly solution for your menstrual days? then you are on a right page.

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bfreecup promo code logo

Well, there are so many brands of menstrual cups available out there, but most of these are made up of silicon and plastics. It ultimately harms your health and may cause vaginal infections too. That’s why I suggest to try products like Bfree Cup. It is not only Eco-Friendly, but also made up with chemical-free and skin-friendly products. So you can use Bfree Cup for a the entire day and even in night time too.

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Bfree Cup: The Antibacterial Menstrual Cup

Based in Toronto, Canada; the Bfree Cup is the leading menstrual cup manufacturer and supplier worldwide. The idea was to end the period poverty around the world. According to the research, the affordability and logistical benefits of the menstrual cup makes it the best choice for women. The one small cup offers the same protection to the hundreds of sanitary towels.

Most of the traditional menstrual cup needs the sterilization in between cycles for the safe usages, that why Bfree Cup was founded. Bfree Cup is made up in such a way that it needs minimum cleaning requirement and still far better in terms of safety. Please read below section to find more benefits of the cup.

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Benefits Of Bfree Cup

Antibacterial Surface

The vagina has some healthy bacteria, so your menstrual cup should be made up in such a way that it don’t effect the inner structure of vagina. Furthermore, it don’t harm the female inner part by utilizing the chemical. Fortunately, Bfree Cup is the only cup that you can use without worrying about bacterial infection.

Safe and Discreet

Being a travel women or a business women, you often need to carry your menstrual cup. The design has to be discreet. Bfree Cup is easy to use, discreet in design and super soft too. It won’t itch you even while you sit or walk.

Easy To Clean

The Bfree is one of the most hygienic menstrual cup available on the world. Unlike other cups, the Bfree don’t need much cleaning and sterilization between your period.

Bfree Cup Promos and Discounts (Summary)

Available coupon codes: 3

Average discount: 15% off

Last Use: Today

Products and Pricing

Bfree Cup carries wide range of female health products. The signature product is menstrual cup. It is available in more than 8 different colors. It cost you as low as $40 CAP per cup. You can also find Reusable pad, Hot Panty Pant, Bikini and Tanga Pantys. The price of the reusable pad start from $12 CAD, while the panty cost you as low as $40 CAD. The company provide fast worldwide shipping option.

Moreover, you can use our Bfree Cup coupon codes to get discount on your next order.

3 Bfree Cup FAQs

How often does Bfree Cup discount available?

The Bfree Cup coupon code is available once in every few weeks. According the research, in last one month we found 1+ coupons for them. However, it depends on the time and occasion while you purchase.

What is the benefit of using Bfree Cup coupon code?

Well, the promo code helps to get discount on  your any order of Bfree Cup. You don’t need to spend full price. You get same quality product at the discount rate with the help of coupons.

What is refund policy?

Bfree Cup is the medical grade product, so they can’t refund you. However, you are happy to exchange in case of wrong size or defective piece.

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